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Serm. 8. Carnal Relation. 183 languageof a Saint is, Come,let css fing praife,let as comebefore his pre- Pfa.9 ith thankfgiving, Come ye, and let us goup to the Mountain of the Lord, to the houfe of the God of Tacob, and he will teach us of Ifa.z.3. his wayes, &c. Zlfe 2. To reprovefuch as do nor perform their ut moll, that do not improve their skill and endeavour to the height in this excellent work. Every childe is born an heir of Hell,and wilt thou tile no means to de- liver his foul from death, and to pull him out of the jaws of the Devil? Oh thou ungodly Father, that like Ga1lio,taketl no care in this matter, God will require the blood of thy childe, and the blood of thy fervanc at thy hands one day. Doll thou love thy childe ? a Heathen will reach thee thy duty , To !ove , faith he , is [ ß ßt á?e ; T YL7d vaFuv eapa 1.71;OP Eivdf 1 to defire good things for fuch, and according to e.4 theutmofl ability to endeavour to accompliíh them. There is but one good thing that is abfolutely neceffary for thy childe , and that is , a happy union to God. What hate thou yet done to the effeé ing of char? Many are eagerly beret upon thofedeigns , how their children, like Calig. Eal%gccla in the Hiflorian, may tumble in a room full of gold, but take call. little pains for the gold of Ophir, and that xrifdome which is far above Rubies. Know, that all the tins of relations under your charge than a e not reproved and corre&ed for, will become yours. Every drunken fit of thy fervant will becounted thine to anfwer for. Every turn of plea- fure that thy children and fervants take in the fieldsupon Gods boll,' If.1.58. 13_ day, with thy approving connivance, will turn to thy account at the z Ep.,oh. Yt great Tribunal. If thou wouldetl finde favour with God,l..bour to di vert them from the wayes that lead to the chambers of dear h. He that negle&s his duty herein, does what in him lyes to damnhis childe and himfelf too. M if he were in league with dell h,in covenant withSacan, Ifa-,y8.1,5ó; and with Hell were at an agr.eemenr;as if it were a laughing matter for himfelf, and all his Relations to fall into thebottomlefs pit of fire and brimlione. Oh howmany families are the filthy cages of unclean birds, like fo many hog-flyes and finks of all manner of aborttinatiot;s I We can fcarce walk the tlreecs, but we (hall hear fwearing and cuffing, and polluting Gods holy Name, and many ohfcene and filthy fpee'_hes,and fee great wickednefs committed, even by young liriplines ; and this is. becaufeTheyare not infirud}ed and taught the fear of. theLord at home by their Parents and Rulers. There be many .rufflingGallants in our times, that lookupon holi.nefs as a crime, and count it their bravery to go towards Hell with open cnouth,witha full Twinge; that fwirn down she Rivers of Riot and Luxury into the deadSea. Thatare fofar from &.'Merge a3, reproving,,