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Serm.I. and exatily confeientiow ? 9 tered it may be had without fuch feveritie.. in Religion u, as they a t,iìin rri, , are unwilling toundertake. why fhould they be wifer than their Neigh- tatine & hours ? all men are notfools. Men as wife, and as learned, neither pre(nor tentim de 1 act -t prac`lifefuch firit1neff, anddoyou think they have not a care of theirfouls ? .de° :& they do not doubt but they (hall do uwell as the bell. Though,poor fouls, fcc;>dZt, fat,:; t hey know that wide is thegate, and broad is the way t that leadeth to de aausei pratc flru ion, and many there be which go in thereat : becaufe firait r thegate, us os f m ru mu:c- and narrow is the way that leadethunto life, and few there be that find it. di Mark that [thatfind it] hedoth not fay x that enter into ir, but that find allttidit 6, ii1 ir. Thófe t a do not walk in the way of holinefs Y,'tisimpoifible they t'pcirorain- ilaould ever find ir. The gate doch not lead to the way, but theNay to defiderüs anime the gate. Do nor think to get to heaven fire, and learn heavenly rein- frt,e,cum pccca dednefs after, yea, heaven muenow futfer Z violence ; ((riving is the taum favor condition ; of entring. Rouze up therefore and ihikeoff your world - Pe' "°1",' .712 - ` o 1 Y wifdom b , Y our ignorant felt-love , your bufe of mercies , your con- rrt tempt of God, and your forgetfulnefs of death and judgement. But det ti, &c. how (hall we do this ? Bern.l. de conic. P. 1109. Mat.7.i3,1 4.x. Nan dicht peuci ingrediuntur quad di/facillimum,fedpauci loc. y Ode Auth.imperfec. oper. Hum.' 3.117a. 7,,Mat.1 t.i Z. R Luk.i 3.1.4. vide loc. b See Abernetby's phyfick for the foul. c.'.p.9:,. &c. t. The fire remedy I (hall commend is Confideration.Let the fu')jea Cure. of thy confideration be what thou wilt (only I could with it may relate to eternity, whither thou art polling) and I (hall not doubt of the fuc- cefs. Let me for once infert a relation I heard between the preaching and the tranfcribing of this Sermon. The Father of a Prodigalleft it as his death-bed charge unto his only Son to Benda griarter of an hour every day in retired thinking, bat left him at liberty to think of what he would, only engaged him tofend a quarter of an hour in thinking. The Son hav;ng this liberty to pleafe himfelf in the fubjet1, fetshimfelf to the performance of his promife ; his thoughts one day recall hispaft pleafures, another con- trive his future delights ; but at length his thoughts became inquifitive, what might be his Fathers end in propoling this task: he thought his Father was a wife andgood man, therefore furely he intended and hoped that he would forne time or other thinkof Religion : when this leaven'dhis thoughts they multiplied abundantly, neither could he contain then; inföBert a con- finement, but was that night fleeplefs, and afterwards refilefs, he be- came ferioufly religious. O that I could perfwade you to go and do likewife. 2. Obferve what means thon (hunne(1 as tooflartling, and make ufe C of