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How may we be upiiverfaGly Scrm.i, foul from all fenfe 1 of theevil of fin, andwant of grace ; and there- ; Privatio ow:- fore in converfion Chrift Both awakenk the Conictenc . The Difci- :)is ,;.m4 ju- pies of Chrift have their fpirits wakitw when their bodies are flum- dIGEE. TilyC.n p ,, Arad: loc. brings i.e. they have a gracious habit of wztchfulnefs, when they are k Eph.5.14. overtaken with force carnal ails of fleepinefs. Chritl complains ofun- I Mat.z6.4.t. kindness 01, that his Spode fleeps in themorning, when he knocks for ni Cant.S.z early entertainment; but the unconverted let Chrift i}audknocking all N. ReY.3.2O. o Pro.6.9,t0. the day, till fupper timeu, they will fpend their day with their lugs ; p co-iceJlto fro- and if Chritl will knock and wait till the day of their lifebe almoft wica etbopæcam fpenr,then they'l pretend to open : but how long muff God call ? How habens pigsonam long ° wilt thou fleep O flasggard ? when wilt those arila out of thy feels ? rlegain`ioc. m and the 'l anfwer, Yet P a little fleep, a little fisimber, a little folding of Jun.n lot. q-- y teiemitsconf'ci- the hands to fleep. The plain truth`is, though wicked min cannot quite entiamvehati flifle their conferences q, yet their Confciences dobut as it wereta&in ,:eterrio aut le- theirfleep, and they take no more notice of them,then they doof their tbarga aliquam dréams. di fepultam,&c Epifco' .In(t. Caufes of a fleepy Confcience are ( betides the fluggi thnefs of ourde- thcol.l. I .c.3. prayed natures.) P.I. 1 I. A fpiritual intoxication, all unconverted perfons are drunkwith the Carafes. love of fin, and therein behave themfelves like Solonsous t drunkard that r?ro.23.34,35 lies down to fleep in the heart of the fea, or upon the top of a mafi, facetia coo . cbarcbef ;,.e. in the very midi+ of the greateft foul danger : HeBoth thatdaily which Galen ubi maxi- 7onah did once, run sway fromGod, and thencompofeth hirnlfelf to ma fcntitur ma- fleep, r when God is purfuing himwith judgments; and dreams, ofno- ris agitatio.jun. thing but impunity, and happinefs. Love of fin is the Devils Opium, in.loc : or as the whereby he calls the Confcience into a dead fleep, that no grin but of whitmless, O nni porenc canwaken ir. He meets with foinething in the world, which may l y ferie for a pa- which he likes better than the holy ways of God,and thereforewill not raphrafe, quafi feekGod t,Gods waies are always grieveres to him, he bath fetid inhis fepitics gubeï- heart I (hallnot be moved--Godbathforgotten : he hideth hisface, he will nator nmi.11:o neverfee ivhe contemns God, andfaith in his heart, thou wilt not regaire clavo. i.aft ra- tionis. Tir. it. They wink,and then conclude God cloth not feed em. fTonali 1.5. t Pfala 0.4i5,11,13. u(litiam ut iIle aped Plato reraThrajyrnacbus,appeltat ytvreúaJ wríJc-r P,elegan- tern flultitiam they fleet), and thenaiunt dcumdormire aut.oblitum cife eorumvie fiant in te'i ris,&c. Aug.Stcuch.Eug. Etiar. in loc. 2. Carnal conceits of grace and heaven. At the belt, humanewifdom is their *hell Guide, their great and fupream Oracle ; in their mifha- pen apprehenuions of their need of mercy, they are willing to be fled