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Serm. i . andexat1lyconfcientious ? The violation of Confcience is alwaies evil,and the following of an er- ring Confcience is evil, but there's a middle way that's fafe and good, viz,.the informing of Confcience better by Gods Word,and following of it accordingly. The Caufes of an erring Confcience ( beGdes Original fin, the effecî Cassfe.r. whereof is blindnefs in the Unde.rilanding. And the jut} judgement of God upon perfons for not entertaining, obeying, and loving the truth as it is in Jefus, betides thefe,the caufes ) are reducible co there Three Head 6. e Breffer 1.5. z. Negligenceof learning the will of God e, through floathfulnefs, and e.-2.3.p.5 56. loveof cafe, and low efleem of the wales ofGod. I need name but one Sparf,. Scripture for both proof and illuftration of chis particular, ecclef 4.x,6. n ia, onto x The foolfoldethhúhands tegether,and eateth his ornn flefh. Better is a hand- pig iti z.Ibid. Pei with quietneß, then both the hands full with traveland vexation ofSpirit, g.Z r 7. q.d. He is a fool that puts himfeif into a pol}ure of idlenefs h,that cow- g EnglifhAn. pofeth himfelf co do nothing, that thinks it better tobe without good things, than be at fome trouble in getting them h. b.Pemblein 2. Pride whereby a man is afhamed to confult others, and to be taught by Ì °C,adeat iao them i, Thofe that are fincerely confciencious are not free from a kind ranrein alias of proud modefly, in being fhie of making inquiry intopra6tical cafes, eanfialere,& ab there's fomething of pride in their bafhfulneßto difcover their igno- iis ranee, in asking ofqueflions for Confcience fake. But thofe that are un- Bref.ibid. godlv,arrogate fo much to their own judgment,that (to (peak their own Prov.zs.a6.. boafjing) they know as much,as any man can teach them.But as wife as ; f ad s` they are, a vifer than they calls them kfools, and their folly mifleads Merc. in foc. them. l Brel. ibid. &c. 3. Paf ion,or inordinate aff'e(ion ` about that whereof we are ignorant. in Arch Biihop This warpeth our coníideration, for he thatfeeks truthwith a bya, will befo .Eélred. run counter when he comes near it, and not find it thoughhe come within ken- conference.' of the rung of it m. e c You may gather the remedies from the oppofites to there three caufes care of erreur. a.Be induflriouflydiligent to know your duty. 2<B; humbly . willing to receive inftruc ion. And 3. Let not your affedions out-run your judgement. But there's one_rule I fh,all commend, which if you will confcientioufly improve, you (hill never be much hurt by an crr,74 Confcience, and I dire appeal to your own Conìciences, that 'cis your indifpenfable duty, you All ufl Life it, and 'Lis fo plain and e<;Ge you may ufe ir. Do whatyou know, and God will teach you what to do. Do what you know to be your prefent dury, and God will acquaint you with your future