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i4 Rowmay we be rooiroerjadlj Serm.a. future duty as is comes to be prefent. Make is your bufinefs to avoid known millions, and God will keep you from fearedcommiffons. This Rule is of great moment, and therefore I will charge it upon you by ex- n Itíandata traa prefs Scripture. Pfal.25.4. Shew me thy waies 0Lord, i.e. thofe waies 0(tendP, qua me wherein I cannot erre ". Teachme thy paths, i.e. that narrow path which non permatta,at is too commonly unknown o, thole commands that are moil aria and errare,&c. difficult, V.5. Leadme in thy truth, and teach me, i.e. teach me evident- loc. ly that I maynor be deceived ; fo teach me that I may not only know o semata digs thy will but do it P. Here's his prayer, but what grounds hath he to ex-. gtazf femi via, pet?audience ? For thouart the God o m alvatien d. thou Lord wilt (pia angufto cal- le f yf q dirigitar, aec fave me, and therefore do not refute co teachme. On thee do Iwait all vu1gonotaeft, the day, i.e.rhe whole day, and every day q, other arguments are couch - fed occulto it:- ed in the fóllowing verfes, but what anfwer ? v.9. The reneekwill heguidc Fete ambulatur. in ud ment the meek, will he teach hie way, i. e. thofe that fubmit their Bruno in lot. 1 8 L'.P.T.i t.p.96. neck to his yoke,thofe that are not conceited that they can guide them- p Remig.ubi fup. felves better than he can guide then, he will reach them his waies r, in q tor. neceffary,great,and weighty matters they (hall not err t.Again,Prov.2.3. r You eos qui Ifthou crief after knowledge, and li fief up thy voicefor underffanding.v.4. pïecurrere vo If thoufeekefl her asflyer, and fearcheffor her as for bid treafures. v. ç. fre fou regc Then alt thou underhand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge o f re pofint,fedeos God. v.6. For the Lardgivethwifdom : out of his mouth comethknowledge gut non ertgrìnt andunderflanding. v. 7. He layethMp foundwifdom for the righteous : he is cervicem,neque abuckler to them that walkuprtghtly.v.8. He kcepeth the paths of judgment, recalcitrant. lot. and preferveth the way of his Sastnts, v.9.Then (halt thou underhand Righ- f Ejufinedi er tecufnef,and 7udgemem,and Eq.uitr, andeverygoodpath.q.c'. Be but as di- Or nungaam ligent to get knowledge, as a covetous man is to get money t, and God aceidit,vcl certe will certainly give youEach knowledge of his waies,as fhsl l preferve you non trermanet ; from errour u and will teach you how to behave your felves both co- de rébus necef ' y fasü,nagrais, wards God and Man X : One Scripture more, that in the evidence of es° gra' ibus three witneffes, this rule maybe eihablifhed, loh.7.17. If any man will Bergius do his will, he (hall knew of the Doctrine whether it be of God,or whether 1 prar.Cath.p.z41 fpeakofmyfelf,q.d. Hinder not your felves from learning truth througk lot. fear of errour ',for you fhall never want the Spirits guidance,whileyou tiDominus clypeus exit üs, pra&ically follow his condu& z. clí i pelf ( tam, & omnibts fu is numeris co.ns7antem conternplationis rationem in bifce recenditis divinifque rebus amplelli(ìnt,quo ab erroribus tuti ferventu), &c.Levi loc.xEng.Annot.y :uam pesperamv ftulte hodiepermulti,dkm errs-ndi periculammetaunt,bac trepidatiene fife imtediant ab omni difcexdi (taro --- f De() toti in obfequiumfimus ritum difcretionis ab co nohis datum ire ne dubitemusqui perpctuvsfit dux ac direElo,,&c.Calv.inlo . tiGul.Parifien. Oui expreffe docet---ubi eft invincibilis ignerantia quead no , Deas faccurret, ni(i cnlpa nolira ejus opera anobis avertarxaus --- The fententiafacit ivaximc ad prez.identiamDei celebrasadam. Dormant determ.q.4f.p.z r 3. I V.Á