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18 Howmaywe be unhver[ally Serm. i. __ t --Statrcit von lawful', yetfc.rcely to be done, lefi it fheuld be tenlawful, There's fom e efe li- anxiety, relué ancy andfear in the determination. Afcruple in the mind is citana, fed ideo asgravel á in the fhooe,it vexech the Confcience as that hurts the foot. A nee - educe darn, fcruple is a hovering kind of fearfulnefs, ariuing from light t arguments quia fcrupulus that hinder or diflurb the foul in performances of duties. ctliquis, qui Thedifference between a doubting Confcience & a fcrupulous Con - anx:a n reddat fcience is this ; A doubting Confcience affents co neither part of the coifcie.tiam,ne queflion, a fcrupulous Confcienceconfents,hut with fome vexation. fu (itait ;'es ilia fit illrcita,Koii confc.p. r 4. u Scrupulus diminutivum à fcrupros, lapillus efi qui in calceo.lünc meta.- pJ oricè fgniftcatfiuilem ape-liven; anitnæ f u confcienti,e, 1 Sam.z5.31. nun erit in fcrup,liO4 cordis, &c. Bret .de confc.1.6.c.r.p.56z. t Amef. Ibidem. p.16. Caufes. I £hall name but two caufes (forbearing to mention our ignorance and x scritpulrss--- pride) which havearea influence upon all kine of Errour,Dori6ts, and -cl arelalcbolia Scruples. vel hgri ". i .The firfi caufe offcrupuloufnefs is natural x, viz. a cold complexion e.z trays --Konig. ibid.p.t S. which is alwales ti nerotee, thole that are phlegmatsck , and melanchol7y item ex ce»- are naturally fearful ; and the reafon is, that through the deft& of nat u- tudine& infar- ral heat, the fpirits about the heart are as it were congealed, and the mirate Cz s°onn,ulGis cau- heart it fell isfraitued,whenceby wayoffympathy the imagination bath jis gist cerebrum apprehenfions of things, and fuck perlons are ptsiiNanimous and c.ficcant, ut fearful. Punt lejunium, 2. The fecond and the chief caufe is temptations. Satan ifhe cannot vigtlra,&c.- keep the heart a fecure prifoner, heel do his mind} to overwhelm it with fears and jealoufies, and he fuits his temptations according to our I.c.14.p.4z. temper Y.H,e cloth not tempt the riots*as with rewards, nor the lutton Po y Singu1u he- P pt , g natnzbrrs vitiis the glory of ab£linence, he doch not tempt the coward to drive for evvenientibws victories, nor the pafonate to fearfulnefs. He do:h not tempt the iufrdiatur,neque melanchelly to Cecuricv, nor the phlegmatick, to g: eat atchievements. cam facile cap- A due confideratiou therefore of our natural temper, would mend ourfpi- tivaret: Si aut bait ips pr e- ri f tual . mia,aut avaris I. The firli remedy I (hall commend to you is this, viz,. be not fcorta prepone- couragedwith'oarfcruples, 'Pray' keepofffrom the other extrearn, do rct : si aut o- not indulge them, they natordy tend ro much fpirittsal damage They vacs de oh/1i- bare locutions of fin. 2. They render the wiles of God morefirait, xe-ttie abftifiente,s horrid, and il oflìble. 3. They retard the work of Grace. e. the T y gate imbecil- hinder Chearfulnefs in the fervice ofGod. 5. They quench theSpirit'. $state pulfaret :,6. They unfit us for any Duty. Thefe may all ferve for arguments to "ga e,etatid flrive again[l them : But yet, be not difcouraged, for Col ispleafed onis ludfiir ¡aisinfidirtns, viciltosmot'ibg4,I6'1.b. through