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Serm. i. and cxallly coidafcientioua ,r 19 through over-powrirag grace to make good life of therm: i. To further mortification. z. To retrain us from worldly vanities. 3. To abate pride, and promote humility. 4. To make us more watchful. 5. To make us f+rive to be more fpiritual. 6. To (little lefsthan force us to live more upon Chrift : but you mutt cake the other rule ifÿou would have thefe benefits. 2. Do what poffibly you cantozeta ridof your fcruples: but ifyou can- ,vide Br r. not get rid ofthem, aE1 ageing them. 'Tis not only lawful, but necefa 1.(,,c,g, --5, ry CO go againft a fcrupulous Confcience, or you will never have nei- thergrace norpeace. Should aChrif+ian forbear praying, or receiving the Sacrament every timehis fcrupulous Confcience tells him, he hid better wholly omit the duty than perform it infacia a-manner,youworld foon find toyour forrow the mifcbief of your fcruples, but grace will not leave him to his fcrupulous humour. Berefolute therefore, and tell the Devil,that as youdenot performyour duty at his command, fo nei- ther will youomit it at his bidding. Do by religious duties as they that are afraid to go by water, or to go over a narrowbridge, they ceLfe to fear when theyhave goneefcex over : fo by the performance of duties, your fcrupulous fears will vanifh. A& again++your fcruples, z . Po/ltive- 1y, by difputing themdown, and oppofing their reafons. i. Negative- ly, by (lighting of thern,and not hearkning to them. In (horn, Ix, all ne- eefjary known duties, alwalesdo what you can, when you can do what you would. VI. The tremblingConfcience is that which is difquieted a, and di- The trembling frefedwich the(apprehended)hazard of the Seal's condition, that doch Confcience. nothing but accufe, and-condemn, and affright the Soul. This, of any, compares arcs our needs leaf+ enlargement,for every one that feels it,is rhetorical enough i confcienccs to in expreßîng ir. thofe pits that Abrabam digged,and the Philiftines ftoppcd them with earth, Gen.2.6.5o. Obpeccatum ut in aqua ca nefa a turgida, nano poteft in ea vultxmfnum eentemplari. B.P.T.4.p.769. The:e's a twin cauje of a trembling Confcience,viz..SenfeofAs band Carafe. fear of wrath'. Neverfin like mine ! never heart like mine ! never care bPfa1.5 t. 3. like mine ! Such are the conftant complaints of a troubled fpirir. I Pfal.4o. c .. meddle not now with that horror of Confcience that follows profli Pfal.3 z 8 gate a wretches, I (hall fpeak fomechingof is toward thedole, nothing Pfal. sa.3.&c. d Nano aj:,e'9. nOW, extra fe turret nullusfui afylum habet. Euf. Niercmberg. de art.vel.1.z.p.t 5a. For cure, I can give but hints. Never keep theDevils counfel. Cure. Break through all carnal reafonings to acquaint your felves with forne D 2 faithful