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20 Howmgwe be unizrer[ally Semi; faithful fpiritual Phyfitian,or experienced Chriflian that may thew you e i Cor. x0,13. the methods of divine grace, and what others shave fuccefsfully done that have been jufl in your condition. This premifed I. Notwithflanding (yea in the midf of) your fadde.ft complaint's, Biel? Godfor an awakened confcience,while there's hope of cure. It is a good rule,-Be not too quick in adminiaringcomforts; but weCannot be too fRead i They quick in provoking( to thankfulneß.If youcan at prefent be thankful that 5.i8. with the you are out of net you {hall e're long be thankful for affurance of hea- verfes next be- ven.This rule may feem firange, but (upon experience) it's pra&îice will fore and after. difcover it's excellency. Obferve, 'cis Gods sifual method to bring thefoul through thefe g--- Inftabas to perplexities to the moil folid fpiritual peace. Augufline g excellently ex- an °ccultis meis preifech hisf7iritualconfli &, howGed followed himwithfevere mercy, moraine fevera till he made him infant for thorow-holine .God kept him tremblin th nifericordia, P _flagella ingemi- he might leave dallying in foul-concernments.Believe it ChrifliañGod &vas timoras & is now floring thee with experiences, which will be a ufeful treafary pudoris,ne "fur- throughout thy life. Therefore, fns ccfaresrjaos penè fociebam& nonfaciebam : fentiebamme ab iniquitatibus teneri,& jallabamvoces nsiferabi- les : quamdiu,quamdiu cras & cras ?quare non modo, pare non bac horafnis turpitudinis mew? -..Aug.,t a. h a Cori 5.8. 3. Dobut hold on h in the vigorous uCe of all means of Grace, and Irbil tibi utili- reckon Gods keeping thee from turning thy back upon his waies, when ass forefcias, thou hail no comfort in them, the ferret fupports he gives, which thou quam ut corm takeft no noticeof, count there for evidences that the Spirit is at work da nuad fó ie i re- in thyheart, and for pledges, that he will perfedó hisown work. e.g. fgsaátione reip- Count thygrowing importunity in prayer ( or forrowful complaint for fun dco humili- the want of it ) a gracious anfwer of that prayer, which thou thinketl is ter refignes i n difregarded. Count thy watching for a word to dire£á and fupport thee, a ®nnibus,que ti- notable efficacy of that word, which thou countefl doch thee no good. bi dulciaaeasi- Count thy re le diffatisfaSion with every thing on this fide God, to ve dulcia ea fit- Y Y $ erinat,Foe ama- be a love-token fromGod, to affure thee that God will be thy f tüsfying ra,five dele- portion, and in the interim ask' thofe well-grown Chri{lians that arc tlrnt, five cruca- now in the fpiritually-fenfibleembraces of divine love, whether they ent, ita ut di cere are not glad that God formerly took that courfe with them, which he poi : O dens now takes with thee to bring theist to chel¢ joyes.Be encouraged there- a/oandc etaanr- I Y , ßin hoc vita fore, though thou haft a forrowfuli feed-time, thou (halt have a joyful iftaq; pregura ad harvefl. extremura ufque judicii diem permanendum'mibi foret, to taren haudqunquam deferere vellera, fed conftanterw)petnáque tibi adharermn,&c. b Jior.vit.p.i 6. i Pfal.r x6.5i6. Thus