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.-..w.. Serino. . andexaalyconfcientiow ? 23 walk as knowing k God is nearer to yon than you are to your felves. C h ien; te pré- The 1 Lord is with you while you are with him, 1. e. you (hall enjoy his para,ut tech m favourable pretence, while you live in his awful pretence. There's one adfir Dens :fit !nose: (tin Pfalmwhich 'twere well ifChriflianswould doby ir,as Pythagorao by corde : temper his goldenprecepts, every morning and evetíingrei: eat ir, 'cis Davids tecum eat: te- n appeal of a good Confcience unto God againd the malicious MI cumredeat : nee pitions, and calumnies of men. [ Do you but thus prxfentiare God recedat a te. untoyour felves, and God will acted your integrity ] Pfal.i 39. óy, r, O iiß te dimittet nit Lord thou hall fearchedme and known me, q.d. OLord thou art the prior illumdj- heart-fearching God, who perfeetly knows all the thoughts, counfels, miferis,ubicun- fludics, endeavoursand a6tions of all men, and therefore mine; ver. 2. Lucfueris, nan- Thou knowefl my down-fitting, andmine up-riling, thou underflandefl my poutë i ,lq thought afar off, q.d. thou knowed my reti and motion, and my plod- ding tecum ext. thoughts of both °, ver. 3. Tho, compaffefl my path, and my lying nt. dome, and art acquainted with all my watts, q. d. thou fanneti and ,%r6p.ic6 winnowed me, t.e. thou difcuffed and triedme to theutanofl P, ver.4. 5.8c x 091. For there 4 riot a word in any tongue : but lee, O Lord, thou (noted it at- together, l a Chro, z .r.. q.d. I cannot fpeak a word, though never fo fecret, obfcure, or u,._er. fub-tile, but thou knoweti, what, and why, and with what mind 'Ems Galenus reci- uttered 9, ver. 5. Thou haft 6efet me behindandbefore, and laid thine hand tale fefug ini- upon me, q.d. Thou keepetl me within the compafs of thy knowledge, turn& new like a man that will not let his fervant goout of his liight.I cannot break ch ánrrci E. away from thee, ver.6. Stich /knowledge is too wonderfulfor me : it is high, Epil.Edit.14i. p. r 5. I cannot attain unto it, q. d. The knowledge of thy great and glorious n My11er n lac. Majefly and Infinirenefs, is utterly pafi all humane cotnprehenfon, a Ei}ius i loc. ver. 7. Whither (hall Igo from thy Spirit ? or whitherfhall I flee from thy Tsinus inoloc prefence ? q.d. Whither can I flee from thee, whole Eflence, Prefence, r RTUFla altitud, add power is every where, ver. 8. if I arcend up into Heaven, thou art to altior: nul- there : if I make my bed in Hell, behold thouart there, q. d. There's no lum profunduin height above thee, there's no depth below r thee, ver.9. If I take the te profuuditu. wings of the morning, and dwell in the astmo(l parts of the Sea, q. d. If I loc. had wings ro fly as fwìfc as the morning light ,from theeat? to the weft f liurorafolis that I could in a moment get to the furthe parts of the world, mentlo totumhe Even there [hallthy hand lead me : andthy right hand !hall holdme, q.d, mifphærium Thence (hall thy hand lead me back, and hold me fats like a fugitive t, peruadit. vet.' x. If 1fay, freely thedarlcneß/hall cover me : even thenightfhall be t l) d y attte. light about me, q.d. Though daikiefs hinders mans light, it dothnot nebit ut feiert thine. In a word, look which way you will, there's no hiding place tenesi fugiti- from God. For his eyes are upon the waits of man, andhe feeth all his vi. S. goingr, there u is no dark ell nor fhadow of death, where the workers of ZaJob 34,1r'. iniquity