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2 Howmay we be oxiverfally Serm.i. iniquity may hide themfelves. Therefore Chrittians, do nothing but what you are willing (sod ihould take notice of , and judge in your felves whether this be not the way to have a good and quiet Con- a n}i 7raFigriu 3 fcience ? 7 d`' ÿP` ?a; 74 1V. Be ferious, and frequent in the examinationof your heart and be IJgò° ''>c'1 a- life This is fo neceflàry to the getting,and keeping of a right and peace- i'ychag able Confcience,thac'cis ittpoßtble to have either without it. Thereare aimprec.n.41. Y.9. fome duties and graces, like thofe parts of the body, that may fupply b gornnua the defe6t of other parts ; or like fome drugs inPhyíick, whichwhen gxàm tranquil- they can't be had, fome of the like nature may ferve : but this is like er, alms is- thofe the defe`t whereof nothing elfe can fupply. TheHeathens have her, cum ant laudatxs eft a- grop't out this rule by the Gloworm light of nature. Pythagoras gives ie nimus, aut ad- as a precept', and Seneca backs it by examples b of Sextets, who eve- monitus, & fpe- ry night before he compofed himfelf to fle.ep, asked himfelf what evil curator jui an- halt thou this day healed ? what vice haft thou reified ? wherein [ orque fecretus art thou better ? O how feet is that fleep which follows fuch a re- ,.ibis fxis ? utor cognition ? of himfelf, who made every night a fcrutii y into the words kwpoteftatc, & and deeds of the whole day, he would neither pats by, nor hide any quottelie apud thing from himfelf, he fo rcpt up his faults, That he would not pardon rice caufaaa dace. them tohimfelf, without a Pelf-charge not to repeat them. Have you cum fublatu;Fa è cox ed('lu- gone thus far?Certait,ly,my Brethren, nor to out-Urip there is inexcufa- meneft,& con- ble. It is a fhame' tofee the carelefnefs of moll, that are better acquain- ticxit rotor mo- ted with any thing than themfelves ; there aremany that know the Hiflories ri s jammet con- of a thoufand years pal{, and yet cannot tell you the particulars of their fcia,tetutn diem own lives ; Men well acquainted with the mrlleries of ovirts andNature, mecumfcrut °''', but utterly ignorant of the fecrets of their own Souls. How few are there fatty ac dicta ma remetàor, amongft us, that can far with David d, 1 have thought on my waies, and nihil mrbi ipfe turned my feet unto thy teflimonies ? Nay, we have a thoufand matters abfcond°, nihil to think on all the day long, the night too, the week, the year: but who que- tranfeo : gxare fiions with-his own heart what am I ? what do I ? how live 1 ? u the q`cibus courfe I follow goodand lawful ? is that which i omit my duty, or not ? ex errori bus a?seis timearn, Is God my friend ? Am Ihis ? what hope have 1 of Heaven ? Say 1die cum poijim clicc- to morrow, to day, this very hour, where is my affrerance 1 fhall befaved ? re: vide neà(iud hat Apologie can I make againfl the accufations of Satan and my Con- anaplius facras, tierce ? will Chrifl be mine Advocate, when 1fhall/land in judgement ? nrcnc tibi agaef- f co,&c.Senec. Have I grace, or have I none ? do I grow in grace, or do 1 decay ? Am de ira.l. 3.c.36 I better this year than I was the fall ? what ,fins have 1 conquered now, P.99. that held me in combate then? what graces have 1 obtained now, that 1 c Penible. had not then ? Chriftians do you do thus ? if you do ; that is not p'SI4 enough, unlefs you dó it frequently, daily: Every Evening ereyou dPfa1.II,.S' fleep,