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Hose sway we be unhver[alj Senn Lure upon fin becaufe Chrifl bath purchafed a pardon, that's a moll horrible and impious alleleof Chris : For this very reafon there was no facrifice under the Law for any wilful wickednefs, ' lea people might think they knew the price of fin, as chofe do that truck with Popifli in- dulgences and pardons. But that none may be overwhelmed with the t joh.a.i. over-fenfe of their unworthinefs, be it known to you, we have an Advocate with the Father, 3efite Chrifi the righteous t, and our falvation is betcer,fafer,more for Gods glory,and our comfort,in his hand chan in ours. x Dcfccndende VIII. Be every way nothing inyour own eyes z; 'cis the humble cabala m ecledej foul that thrives exceedingly, and alas what have we to be proud Y of ? præd. Look weeither at our coniiitution, or converfation ; our conception y uncle fuperbit finftil, our birth poenal, our life toylfome, and our death we know not koreatita con- what ; but all this is nothing to the flare of our foul. A Stoick,could give rtfcipculpa,a- this rule, that if any one' tell you of anothers fpeaking evil of thee, bor vita,neeefe do not excufe thy fell, but fay, he did not knowme, or elfe he would mori, quando have fpoken worfe. AConvert, when he once comes to be fenfble of vel Tornado, fin,fees more caufe tobe wearyof his life, than proudof his graces. To vel ubr,nrf- rife and fall, confefs fin andcommit it ; to fee others our-run us, that care ? Bernard. de inter. dom.c. fer out after us to recover that time for communion with God, which 53. 11,1allcm non we trifle away in unobferved impertinencies ; Surely for fuch perlons de (titans talis to be low and vile in their own eyes, deferves not to be called humili- effc. Ib:d.c.3 3. ty, though the contrary be worfe than devillifh pride. Be perfwaded 4ccufo me flee therefore to believe of your felves in the ufe of Agotrs (fome_ cireo cxcufio, uf ua net idfi.m - fuppofe Salomons) words of bimfelf, Pro.3o.2. Sorely 1am more brtttifh quo: ji alter than any man, &c. q.d. I do not make rife of my reafon, ver.3. Ihave not ita mea swill- the knowledge oftheholy. q. d. my knowledge of holy mylleries is very ret,ficut ego little; in comparifon of my ignorance,nothing.Be as willing that others meippov accufo, Could fpeak ill of you,as you are to (peak ill of your felves : and be as patienter fufti- unwilling char others fhould commend a you, as you are co commend nerre non pofr'em. Ibid.c.34.&c, your felves. pa078.. Epiftetusc.48..p.t76. Simp com. a àlultos vidi(r'e qui totuerint perferre mult a incommoda in corptre i fortxnit, qui sutempotnerit contemrtere laudesfuns neminem. Luther.T. 4. p.í49. Gal.ex al. bPfal.73.1. IX. Entertaingood thoughts of God b what ever he doth with you, c TñsèTÚs whatever he requires of you, what ever he laies upon you z. Wenever SfitswrsRe4c4 igal ön Tó xuelZsevroo ¿ixetto R4v' dS *tmAri4eis ¿ir t Æxety, Ws j ®PTmv, j Jotxównry vat cAaKaArs, xdxírs G oxvTbt o 4M71 gX7UTETaXitae,TaBsr R cuTÓrs, a Ñxciv ¿o '7177C1 TVIC v0F.Uw"orç;!.4 áKoÀ 3os'v £x641-1, Wç ti?dD 741srlpt s yr4(.41s cmrTeAgthirots tt7.r yicp 710Ti -cis viO7S,' 7: > yxcaigt1s, c. á{.cgi cep@-, &c. Epia. C. 3 g. Simpl. p .212. arrive