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5erm, i. and exat#ly cnnfcaentierra P 2 5 sleep, review c your carriage in the day, what you have done, or froke, a fQa 7ñs or thought, that is but fo much as indecent. Whether your hearts have ctino APTscac been intent upon Religion, and indifferent to the world. Briefly, have 4,44P41`-. fpecial care of two portions , of your time, viz. Morning and Evening, ° irf,L the morning to fore-think what ought to be done, and the evening cosy examine, whether you have donewhat youought. Kxphs ,6 ï<. 77 yfyore ß.7d d`éov, á c+ vukua 7fdv a-71;7op teiv av,îi A.oye- ßEro 7óv 3 corm, ñ t 7 e uXtu) pa.9v 4c,&c.Baß1.T.z.p.514. fCrucius Synt.p.iziz.ex aliis. V. 13e much in Prayer g, in all manner of h prayer, but efpecially in g Pfal.r 09.4. fecret i prayer. Do not non-fuit your felves by the love of fan, and you . Eph6. 8. i (hall certainly be heard when you pray for Gracek : believe it Chrifii- Heb. an,'tis not thine inevitable t weaknefs, nor thy fcnfabledulnefs 93,nor thy kz Co4r=z,.r O. lamented roavings ",nor thy oppofed difira&ions °,nor thy mifiakenunbe- rnMar. 14.38, liei P ; it is not any, nor all thefecan Phut out thyprayer, if thou doff 40. not regard q iniquity in thy heart ; therefore be encouraged,'cis thevoice n en.,6. . of your beloved that faith r, Verily, verily1 fay untoyou, what oever you o Gent S.Ir. f p 1 Joh.5.13. (hall ask theFather in my name, he willgive ityou. Hithertohaveyeaeked qPfa1.66.18. nothing ( to what you might aak ) inmy name : Ask andye (hall receive, r Joh. t 6. z3, that your joy may befull. But this and the two next rules will be fpoken 4 to in the followingCafes, 1111111 therefore but little more than name them. VI. Let everya6ion have reference unto your whole life, and not un- to a part only r; propofe fotrte end to your felves in every thingt, and f Ep'1.1.c.'xsc. let all your leffer and fubordinace ends be plainly reducible unto the tbeol.l.r.c.1. great end ofyour living. Theemphafis of the Apoliles Exhortation is ts aliquem ex- canton great u,Exercife thyfelfuntogodlineß,q.d. Beas diligent in Religion, mera domo as thou would(+ have thy children that go toSchool to be in Learning. quo ïoaveds Or thus, let thy whole life be a preparation for heaven, like the wref+- quo t s?refpen- lers or combatants preparation for vié+ory. Or thus ; (+rip thy felf of all debit fibs :non incumbrances that thou mayef+attend wnto piety. Pleafures may tickle meherculefcio, thee for a while, but they have an heart-along farewell. Thou mayefi fed aliquos vi- call thy riches goods, but within a few dales what good will they do de ñal,gcu fns thee? Men mayßatter thee for thy Greatnefs,but with God thy account quails fo,- will be the greater. Thereforealwaies mind that ell, , which will almaies be micasper arbu- advantage. t a repentibus : qua in fammurre cacumen, deinde in imuva inanes aguntur---domum eum faper vacua redeuntes laffitudine, jurant ne cr e feipfes,quare,xierint. Seneca de Tranquil.c.i z. p.685. u i Tina.4.7. 54.12e .8v cos v ßïáv yvioaCeir efi propriè exercera in gymnade. Grot. in 1ec. VII, Live more upon Chrifi thanupon inherent grace. Do not ven- E ture