Annesley - Houston-Packer Collection BX9327 .M6 1664

28 How maywe be u i'verfally Serm. t, magifl os vide- comparing all things, kwmany ,or hem great foever with thee,and loving thee re eft, amare before, and above all, that I had rather ail things in the world, and myfelt too to have no being, than once tooffend thee. Bur Lord thou lolveft thy friends ut cure 1110, eti- a in an malteak zble manner more than they can love thee. O thou al. lid adid mlò nthil emru ; great r Lord td thougreat Good, that e heaven and earth, why doeft thou fd om,ria dun- not fill my very little fonl ? O myfoul that art fo little, fo miferable, why tax .at in illo : doll thou not open all thy little doors ? why doll thon not extend thy tam* ca- quia aliasgon pucity, that thou mayefl be wholly poffefl, whollyfatiwed, wholly ravifhed tote,or .,fed with the weetne s of o great love : esßecially, Peeing thou art fo very little, tat, cord fed I 1. f I aliad quidpiam yet nothing lefs'willfatisfie thee. O therefore my moll loving God, 1 befeech ab illo otcupat thee tell me what may moll effec`fualy drawout my love to thee, confidering cot no lrum. what prevention of love, what privative, pofitivegood things 1 receivePam Gibieuf. de lie, thee, infinite ingreatnef,infnite in multitude : It is a wonder that any one can .p.66. cat r.l.I. thin I I o the e thingsandnot be wholly [wallowed upof love,wholly turned into II f Fu autea; Do- leve : But I fee Lord, 'tis collier tofreak thefe things, and to write them rmin.e deus meus down, than to do them. Thou therefore moil good and moll powerful Lord to es omnis boni whom nothing is difficult, give 1 befeech thee that I may more eafily do there bo aum, fpee omnia bona bo- my things in my heart, than utter themwith mouth : Open,! befeech thee,thy nets, bo lam infi- moFl bountiful hand, and enable me,that nothingmay be mare eafie, nothing xittffì;yé infini- morefiveet, nothing more delightful, than moll efeí lually, and moll affeEtio- tam quo- nately tofulfil that which I fjieak, about lovingofthee. Lordgive me leave a pod t a t rte, little to prefume above my hope, and topleadwith thee about thy magnificent cltaam to amas . : humane friendship will mot give the repulfe to a poor, wanting, beg- me, qua;tam to gng Mend, O thereforemofl liberal Lord help me that 1 may love thee. es mclior me ? Chrifiians, 'cis worth while to make it your bulinefs to climb up ro this dcbeo amore to love- exrafie. This you will find to be a compleating rule, an effe6tual finaliten a ,te a lia means, and a fingular exercifeof exit and confcientious walking. politer te,tu autcm non amas me p;opter me, nee ceteraprepter me---debeo etiamn amare to infinite quo- dammede interfivefupra quedcumque bonum ftnitum, to autcm non fie amas me. Dcbeo queque amare to inft.aite gu.dammo;lo extenfiue,velcndo fcil.potiùs quotcumquc b guantacunque bona alia,etiam& meip- ¡am net offe quam te, vel quam tefemel offendere, tic vero non fit amas me, quia non &bee fie amari, &c. >e3radwardin.dc caufa dri. l.z.c.346a. fegq. g Net vi into;- I (hail briefly name (I intended l4rgely to have pre(1) two arguments tuitur nee fras,- or motives to períwade the ufe of thefe direiions. dc,adeb altà in- z. You cannot poffibly get ridof your Confciencc g, therefore be haret animo. perfwaded to get a good one, there's nothing more common than for aitffimus licit b bomo ftt,tamen fecurus non eft, ipfas tenebras nequitia, into tata omnia timet,multos fortuna l berat /Iona, mctu neminem. Exemplo flint potenti imi Imperatores, & qni arcani licenciam nag i,fzne arbitris,finr tetti- bus &c. E ifco In tt.theel. c. v I o r I . Ipfa confcientiapropriis fliroulis agitatlsr atque compan- Y Y p.:. 3 wicked