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Serm,. I wicked men todo what they can to extinguifh Confcience, they flatter it with carnal teafoning ; the bribe it with mockdevotions, they wound it with hainous provocations, they fear it withcuflomary wickednefs, they trample it under foot by finning in defpigbt of it; they rm.: away from it,ano will not endure to hear it,by diverfions ; and yet they can hinfigae vifuna fooner turn their foulsout of their bodies,than Confcience out of their eft earn' Cefa- Souls : yea,amongl} all thefe indignities, it's as frefh, andattive, as if it initilum;nam his were not thus abufed,it cloth but watch it's opportunity,when it will be verbis exe;fru heard,when 'twill make that which was doneperhaps forty years ago,as eft. Quid fccri- if it had been but yctterday. What.ay es thegreat Emperours of the b áuobis, P. world k,that caufe their terreur in the landofthe hring,what ayls them to do C. fcribam, aut tremblewith inward contrition ?is it avain fear? why then do theynot quid omrüno fhakeit off ? is it the fear of men ? No, they are above humanepunifh- non fcribam ments : Is it the fear of (harne ? no,' the fn perhaps was fecret, at leaf} hoc tempore. dexque man knows not the inward conflernation of their fpirits. What's the Dii me matter ? O they arehaunted by the fury of- their own Confciences. 9 amperire e Would wicked menbut blab the gripes they fometitnes feel,even then quotidie fentio, when theyout-face a Minitlerial or friendly reproof, there would need fi fcio.4dtò fa no more to be faid to evidence,that a Confcienceyou will have, which ciis/Kea atquefla- will firfl or lati do its office. gitiafua rpfc luogue m frail pli'cium verterant. Tiberium nonfortune, no folitudines protegebaat. Tacit. Aanal.l.f.c.6.p.a46. z. Your own Confcien©e will be your be/ friend or yourgreateI enemy (of any creature )unto eternity. There's i no greater riches,no i greater pleaftore, no greater fafety than a good confcience. Let the inter.dom.c.zz. preffures of the body, the hurry of the world, the aff;ightments of p'I`7o Satan be never fo great, they can't reach the Confcience. A good k parricrdi m Confcience fngularlychears the dyingbòdy, joyfully accompanies un- vindicatre; i Pm- to God the departed Soul ; triumphingly prefents both Saul and body niprofñitzzi unto the defired Tribunal. There's no more profitable moms, nor hafnetat tortu furer teßimony, nor eminent Conveyor of eternal happinefs than a good ;R ingcrium per Confcience. And on thecontrary, there is no greater torment than duxerant ; non of an evil Confcience : though its gentler checks may be difregirded, culeum, non v - its louder clamours will make you tremble. O Sirs, what will you do, conburiu c: when Confci nce (hall upbraid you with your abufe of mercies, incorri- f itarunt,p:ec. gtbleneß under judgements, contempt of Chriff, and hatred of holi- fcilicet,matris nefs ? you can't. nowendure ro hear what Confciencebath to fay, how nature ferulain, will you endure is unto eternity? if one that killed his on Father k, cenfcientiam,ad forme attroci tatis exemplú doter novamfevitiam didicerunt,parricidamfancientes triduo cogi fpc5lare occifi cadaver, tat fit puairetur enermifimo omnium fupplicio,admonitione facinoris. Jo, artarol.l.z.p.i g6. could insdcxaalycoofsientiorw ?