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Serm. . t®w rIs their awn Converfion ? 35 Thaf he cannot od, Rom.8.8. That he cannot co.r,e to Chrill,7oh6.44. Th t he can do nothing without Chilli, joh.T 5.5. That he cannot belie\ e, 70/-4t 2.39. C'ap.5.44. That he cannrt'oveGoi, I Yoh.4.zo. That he cannot do good, yield good fruit, yerem. 7.17. That he cannot think a good thought, 2 Cor.3.5: Mans liberty or power is referrible roNatural, Moral, or Spiritual things : To the firfl he hath great ftrengch : To the fecond Some: To the third none. A man freelydoth natural and moral things, he can live, foberly, and chaffly, road externos aatu,as to outward a&ls,he may ab- flain from grofs fins, Theft, Murder, Drunkennefs, &c. he may come to the Congregations freely, hear the Word, and not lop his ears as the deaf Adder doch, but as to fpiritual gas, 9raa tales, he is im- porest. For the better underfianding of the QEery, What perfons can doto- wards their own Converfron, I {hail lay down feveral Thefes or Conclu- fions, which I {hall make good byScripture as I proceed. T. Concleef. I. All difpofitions and inclinations to fpiritual goodwhich man had at firR in his Creation are loft and ruined by the Fall, Rom.8.7. TLe carnal mind is enmity againfl God: its fo far from having inclination to God, or the things of God, that its not only an enemy, but enmity againt+God, and ?er.2.21. theLord faith, I had planted thee a noble wine, wholly a right feed ; hew then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of aorange vine unto one ? They had loll their original cap and were degenerated into a wild Vine, and could not bring forth good Clutiers. 2. Concluf. :. Man being altogether avcrfe from good, the fervant of fin and death, fold under fin, Satans captive,and dead in fin,is not able by his own firength and power to convertor prepare himfelf thereunto, Ram. 1.1o,t 2. Rom.8.2. Rom.7.14. 2 Tiva.z.26. Col.z.t 3. Rom.5.6. 7oh.6.44,65. there mull be the Fathers giving,and drawing,his gift and povver,otherwife there is no coming to Ghril}.Menare without Chr'ìfl, in their natural conditions,Eph.2.i z.they are dead to his life and riglz- teoufnefs. 13.23. Matth , 3. Cenci/if. TheLordcils for humane endcavours,and would have men do more F thee