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Serm.a towards their own Congerfon ? 39 lieve are barn not of the will ofthe fiefh, or of the will of man, but of God; nothing of mans will cones in.Not ultimum diEtamen intelletïsu did fet the will on workhere, hut the Lord begat them of his own roill,J1m.1.18. So that mans will is not femiviva & femimortua, but penittu esetinEla ad benxm fpirituale, and fo adhoc to this of Converton, as the vital faculty is gone in a dead man. 14. Conchs!. Mans will being fit1} converted to God,and by God himfelf,converts it felf alto unto God, a 1aagit, as a childs hind in writing,being né}ed by the Matters hand, it writes. Hence man may be laid to turn him- felf, for thewill being healed and made good, of unwilling willing, it bath an intrinfecal principle of willing good, and fo dominion over its own aó}s, whereby it turneth it felf to God. Where there is the Fa- thers drawing firit, there is prefently the Souls coming. Thefe Conclufsons being laid down,I (hall thew you what men can do towards their converfion : but4firft I mutt inform you that converfion may be taken two waies. 1. for the infufion'of grace into.the heart andwill of man, whereby he is regenerate, and his will made good, here min and his will being meerly paflive ( for in this at} voluntas nec ell libera taec vo- lantaria) he can do nothing towards his own converfion in this fenfe. 2. It may be taken pro rota (erie auxilioruns quibus ad ears; movemur. For all helps and means which further us that way ; and in this fcnfe it's affirmed, That tren may domuch towards their conversion, they may mate- rially difpofe chzmfelves thereunto. 1. They may do much as Heathens have done, or would have done, had they lived under the fame means, and had fuch motives, as they have. The Lord teis Ezek that if he had feat him to a people of a firange Language ; thit was to the Gentiles, they would have hea-kned unto him, Leek. 3.6. they mould have received him and obeyed his Do- trine. Ìt is certified from the mou.h of Quill, That if the mighty t'or/tdone in Choraz,in and Bèthfaida, had been done in Tyre and S.ydon, they:wouldhave repented, Match.11.21. And that the men of Neriveh fbossld rife-in tudgment with the then prefect generatian, and condemn it, betca)rfe ,they, repented at the preaching of 'Jonas, and behold 4 greater than ?ohm *Ai-there, Macth.12.41. If one Sermon of 7onaa who was one of -the eíferProphers prevailed fo much with Heathens, why. fhould not many Sermons of Chrift, who is the chief of all the Prophets, pre- vail