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Chap,z 6.9 , Whát muff, andcan Perfòns da Serm.2, vat1 a4 much, ifnot more witfi Chriftians ? Ve torpors notro, what will become of us ? Rahab skewed kindnefs to the people of God, and that was 'antecedaneous to her converfion.. Herod heard the Word ;lad_ I-, 117ar.6.zo: And Pharoah defired the prayers of Mofes and Aron, Exod.2.38.. 2. They may fit under a powerful Miiìl'ry, coning -with reverence before God, nòc offering the Ccrifice of fools,but hear the Truth wit:,- out being contentioûs againti it as they were, Rom.2.8. They may ICE the Truth have a full lìroak at them and their corruptions, They may re- ceive the love of the truth, 2 Thee2, t o. andnot had it in rsnrighteocifiefs, Rom. 1.18. So:that they will not Puffer is to have influence into their aiFe&ions, and to break our into action. 3. Tiipy may hearken to the voyce of Gods judgements and rods, when they are' 'abroad upon themfelves and others. No man (hould defpife the chafìfement of the Lord, but every one íhr¡uld hear:the voice of the Rod, and who hach appointed;ir. The PrOphet lfaiah tells us," That the inhabitants of the world- will ti hteou ne s when Difciteittfiitiam f f , ;7:D z.ti no;, thejudgmentsof the Lordare in the earth. His judgements are the belt n1re utcmen. Schema-tatters, and teach many good Ieifons. woldets was taught by vat. the hand ofGodupon one ofhis fociates,to become a' newman. When osyv n 7i0 Manaffes was in atiliion, he befought the Lord, .rd humbled himfelf y greatly, 2 thren.33.1 z. Vexat19 diet intellel!um, when the Lord-loth box and buffet us with his judgments, our underítandings are opened and fear fats upon us : and though this fear be fervileat fiat,. yet it may end in filial, the fpiric of bondage may become the fpirit of A- doption. 4. They may obferve the difference is mac'e in mens lives after con- veri on from that which was before. Converfion is a ffrange work, it makes a man another man. They in Peter thought it a t range thing Fgo' on fiam egg, that men lefcrheìr old cotirfet.In converfion Wolves"are made Lambs, z Pet.4,4., and perfecuters Preachers. Howwas ir, that when. Paul:preached; all that heard him were amazed, and faid, it cot this he which. deffrojed them. who called on this name in ferrefalem; Aidcame hitheitfor that .:n- tent that he. might brig them bound unto the Chief Priefs ? True,' it was he unco,verte'd,.did fo, nor he convened, now he was another, ,a .new man, now he was a Chrill'an, and.had other principles1 a:ndpradti.ces than before, there was a great change wrought in hitn,;:and, yin Ps«septa docent Mary Magdealen. Oh,fervarion of .fuch-exaanpies ?b:ar'etikkeitiore,and ó:=07t, cx- energy: For, Examples are flrong. traces to drawmen "from Ateickec, enpia trabwat. practices. iyly . cemjellefy thou the. Gentiles to live as the Yews,: faid Paul