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Serm.3. bedtfc®veredandMortified s' 53_ right eye offend thee, & thatfia is properly and to all intents andpurpofes our own. 4. Obfern. That although allfins are our own, yet there are force fins that in a more ofecial manner may be calledours ; namely,our right eyefins,and our right hand fins, or if you will : Every manbath his proper, particular iniquity, hisbelovedfin. If thy right eye offend theepluck,it oat, and sari iefront thee : 1 f thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, andcall it from thee : and the handling of chis Doecrrne will fuit theCafe, that is my cask this morning, viz. Hold may beloved tufts be difcovered and mortified? In the profecution of this Obferv,ation, I (hill follow; by Gods affi- fiance this method. z.I fhall enquire why fin is expreffed fometimes in Scripture, by the parts, and members of our body, as in this place by the right eye, and the right hand. z. I lhall Phew you,that our right eye fins, and our right band fins, our beleved lufis,rnay in a more fpecial manner be called oars; or that eve- ry man hash his proper, his particular iniquity. 3. I (hill enquire how this comes to pars, chat particular perlons have their proper and particular fins. 4. The life and Application. I. I am to enquire, why fin in Scripture is exprefred by the parts and members of our body, and particularly hereby the right eye, and the right hand ? I. You mu(+ note that thewhole mais of corruption in Scripture, is called by the name of the oldman,and the bodyof fin. Knowing this,that Rom 6.6. our old man is crucified with him, that the body of nmight be- It is called the old man :in everyyoung man, there is anold man, and it, is called the body of fn : now if fin in the lump and bulk be a body, then particular fins may fitly be termed theparts and members of this body. c. Sin may be thus exprefafed, becaufe as the natural body makes ufe of its feveral pares, for the managing and carrying on of thofe works char arenatural,fo corruption makes ufeof feveral lufts,for the effeuing and promoting of thofeworks that are fsnful. 3.According ro their notion, that hold the foul by creation,as I con- ceive, fin isconveyed into the foul at firli by means of the body. Cer- tainly the foul of man is pure, and undefiled, as it comes out of the kind of God. I do humbly propofe to men of learning, whether that rule