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ri-eV0""' 54 Anymay Beloved Lufibs Serrn.3, rule córpereum ner, agit in incorporeum, or that a bodycannot defile a fpi- rit, is not further CO be taken into confideration. We find by experi- ence, that as the foul communicates its affec`{ions unto the body, the body hath life, and fenfe, and motion from the foul, that of it felf is a livelefs lump of clay : So the body again bath a very great influence on the foul, and can, and doth communicate its diflempers unrot it. For infiance, thofe that have faanguine bodies are enclined to lull, .ehofe chat are choleric*,, unto ráfhncf'.s andpafliota; thofe that are melancholy, un- to fufpi tion,and tenacioúfnefs ; thofe that are phlegmatick,unto dulnefs and cowardize. So that fin may be in the body d/tfofitivs before it he enlivened by the foul, though nor formaliter ; my meaning is, the body may have a difpofition to defile the foul, before it is united unto the foul ; and if fo, no wonder if fin be expreffed by the parts and mem- bers of our body. 4. Corruption look4 at, and thews it felf by the finful actions of the body, and therefore may have its denomination by the parts of it. Hence it is, that,the Apofile, when he had concluded that theyew, and the Gerstile were both under fin ; to make this manifeff, he yells ltotxi.3 fie the Romans how fin difcovered it felf in the outwardman : Their throat is an open fepulchre, with their tongues have they ufed deceit, the poyTon of afps isunder their lips, &c. We read in Scripture of the fins of a Cer.7,z, the flesh, as well as of the fpirit. Having therefore theft promífes dear- ly beloved, let its cleanfe our [elves from all filtbineß of the fefh and fpirit : the fins of the fpirit like fo many plague-fores breakout into the flefh. Wicked men are all over befpotted, and beleopar'd with fin : Lying is a fpot in the tongue, pride is a fpot in the eye, wrath a fpot on thebrow, bribery a fpot in the hand, Idolatry a fpot on the knee, yea, they arecalled fpots and blemifhes, 2 Per.z.I 3. not fpotted but fpots, fin it felf is afpot, and like fire, it turns the fubjea it hath to deal with, into its own nature. One part of the body in Scripture is 3am.3oF: called a world of iniquity. The tongue is a fire, aworldof iniquity: How nïttch iniquity is there in the world,when inthis little member there isa world of iniquity. Thus much (hall fuf}ice to have been fpoken to the firfl thing pro- pounded, viz,. why fin is expreffed fometimes in Scripture, by theparts and members of our body. My fecond work is to (hew you, that our right-eye fins., and our right hand fins, our beloved lufs may in a more efpecial manner, be called ours, or that every manbath his proper, his particular iniquity : If