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An Alphabetical Table of the chief heads,Contained in thefe Sermons. A It may be 14. 292 A Cconnt trithGod daily.366,57 3 Seven Direltions for attaining it. 302 AFlivity in Duty, what it is. Further direEion. 365 493, 494 NIP voke e. petfrdby rev ;elation.. 291 Admonition. 175 S Admiration of Chri ff. 195 Adverfity a feafon , to exercife truft in God. 442 o.A f `'e&lien to the world, to be morti- ,fled. 359 A fiiiaions. Their benefit. 450 Their recefty and dtfigr , 368 We muft thank Gcel for then. 478 Why they are good and thank:worthy. 489, &c. Angels bow readily they ferve God. Anger. 504. How to be moderated. 394 To be avoided in reproving. 168,175 And in correélion. Alms. To be given with 7uf ice. Wbo may not give them. To be gives Cbearfully. With "implicit'. With compafon. Seafonably. Speedily. Liberally. Prudently. .Motives to Alms- doing. Apoftacy. 11 Ls poffible. Danger of tbe leaft Degree. 88 Mean: to prevent it. The miferable end of Apo fiatts. 5o8 Affurance. it muy 6e a;tint4. 294, d'e. Civility ipConvgrfat°tcr. 224,393 pany 170 245 246 247 248 249 25o 251 253 260 269, d.c. 75,82 Beggars which to be relieved. 261 Buying and Scl.i ng. Rules for the inanagrenent of them. 230,ßc. Part of Religious 1,nfnrfs to obferve thole Rules. 571 Seliry r. Whether be can fall totally, and finally. 3971&" C Calling. Diligence to be ufed in it. 266 Sins of our callings. 56 Carelefsnefs in Troyer the way to A- theifm. 455,6c. c. Catechizing sect f ary. 164 Caution necefary in the beft. 83 Certainty threefold. 293 Charity. Several ails of it propounded. 254. The neceility of this Grace. 263 The profit of it. 287, &c. Something to be fet apart for it. 267 Chrili. How are we complear in him.6o7,e c. He ù 411 to believers. 605 How he is all. 615 How we may snow he úfó to us. 628 His Condifcention. 196 To be loved in his offices 198 To be eyed in Prayer. 326 Our happine fs, in knowing him. 616 tillftrcngtb from hire. 614 All acceptation. 25