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The Table. How to get it. Company, The Concernment ofit.1 39,167,581 If good it quickens much. Soo Comfort. The falfenefs of that which many give themfelves. 349 Chrift fills every Con lition with it. 613 It arifes much from performing our duty. 340 Comnztffìon. Towards the Poor. 249 In reproving 153 Community of Goods not uecefary. 259 Compliance with fn. 132, Connivanc-- at it. 133 Con qutft of it bow great a benefit. 116 Corre &ion of faulty Perfons, how to be managed. 173 Confli &. To be maintained with fin. 309 D.fference between natural and 67iri tual, in f ven Particulars. 311 Confcience. rte,at it sr. 74e Objell of it. Offices and aïll of it. The fecpy Confcience, its and Cure. Thefeared Confcience, &c. The erring, &c. The doubting, &c. Thefcrupulus,&c. The trembling, &c. How to be ailed. The good to begot and kept,. Motives to get it. Peaceable C9nfcieve. 2i,&C.350,363 Confcicnce will one day be awakened. 34S When that will be. 357 Benefits of tender Confcicnce. 100, 570 It will dìfcover beloved fins. 59 When Commonly terroirs of it fall upon men. 357, d."6. Confefs e fpecially beloved fins. 64 Chriflian Confidence. 422- Contentment. 446 Convidion of fin and mifery. 193 Con trads and Comerce. What 7u.flice required in them, 228, &c. Contes. How to be moderate in them. Conversion. Four Conclufions, Concerning the nature of it. 34, &c. What a man Can do towards it. 39, &c. 7hú . eflion more partieularly re folve i 42,ßc. Belovedfin.r,the greateri enemies of it. 391 3 a9 4 Covcroufnefs. 4, 34$ Deadens the Heart. 497 C uí s D 7,8,9, Dehts, 9,10 Mufl fometimes be forgiven. 256 1 t DeLrc Wheni:r;moderate, 382,556 15 Delates. 17,18 I They are moil ettngerofu. 105, 493 19 Difir-&ion. 56 In Prayer threefold, 460 21,&c. C= ufes of it. 461, &c. 28 Remedies againfi it. 65 21 It Difc9vcrech belovedfins. 58 00 p o x Dili-