Annesley - Houston-Packer Collection BX9327 .M6 1664

Serm.3. be difceveredand ,Morti,fiee) ? ss If thy right eye offend thee, &c. If thy right hand offend thee, &c. Look as it is with goo.: men, though they have the feeds of every grace in them, yet force one may be faid to be theirs in an eminent manner : Abraham was eminent for obedience, Afofes for meeknefs, job for pati- ence : Thus is is with wicked men , though they have [hefted of every fin in them ; yet fo:ne one may be laid to be theirs in an efpecial man- ner. Wicked men in Scripture are as it were markedout for feveral fins, calcslonigro : Cair for his Murder, Simeon and Levi for their treachery, Corah : nd his company for their confiracy, Nebuchadnezzar for his pride, Mangles for his cruelty, Balaaro for his covetoufneß: or look as is is in the natural body, though every man bath bloud, flegme, choler, melancholy, yet Tome humour or ocher is predorni- nanr, fromwhich a mm bath its denomination ; fo 'cis in the finful body, forme finful humour,or other hach the predominancy : rnofi men have Come peccatum iR deliciis, force fweec morfell, that they roll under their tongue, which they will by no means fpicout, or part with. It would be no hard matter to thew you, that feveral Nations have their proper andpeculiar fins, as the Spaniard theirs, the French theirs, the Dutch theirs. Look into theScripture and you will find, that the Corinthians had their Lin, which is thought to be 1v4ntonneß, nd unclean- teeß ; and therefore the Apoflle, in the Epiiiles that he writes to them, ufes fo many preflìng arguments again(} this fin. TheC'retìans are bran- ded for Lyars, the 7ews for Idolaters : S3 your Towns have their fins, Villages theirs, Cities theirs ; polfibly Londons fin, may be loathing fpi- ritual'Manna,negle6 and contempt of the Gofpel,a non-improvement of Ordinances. 3. I am to enquire, how this comes to pals, that particular perfons have their proper and particular fins. s. Men haveparticular temperaments and conflitutisns of body, and therefore they have their particular fins finable to their temperaments and con itucians You heard before} how particular- temperaments encli- redmen feveral waies. Creatures in the general are naturally delighted with thofe things, which are fitted, faired and accommodated to the {eniw, andgame of their refpe&ive natures. As in the fame Planr,the Bee feedeth on theflower, the Birdon thefeed, the Sheep on the blade, the Swine on the root : the fame feeds are not proper for thefund, and for the clay. Every thing thrives mod where it likes bea : fo'tis in this cafe, that 6n is like to thrive molt in the foul,rhat we make molt of,rhae we are moi delighted in, that fuits bell our complexions an:' ce ft turians. We Inuit be careful here,lelt we t}rein this too far,with fotte Phyfèians and