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Howmay Beloved Lulls Serra, 3 purpofe, faith our Saviour, If thou wì!t be perfect, go fell that thou hat, Matt q.zz, 2 2 andgive to the poor and thong/halt have trcafure in heaven, and come fol lowme. Ver.22. Li-hen the young man heard that faying, be went away forrowfsl ; that is, he was very much troubled, that. were was fuch a truth as this, chit the world for Chrifis fake was to be parted with. So Pfal.t4.1. Pfal.i4.1. The fool hath[aid in his heart there is no God : Oh faith the fool, That there was noGod, that there was no heaven, that there was no hell, Atherfmwas the beloved fin in that cafe : fir t men with there were no Deity, and then they judge fo, and fay fo. Carnal affedtions after ionic time fettle in opinion and judgement : 'cis poltìble for men by w:iie; of unrighteoufnefs, by a confiant couríe of cheating and co- zening, fo farm Phut up and impriCon their natural light, and fo to muffle their reafon, and underflanding ; that at length they may cheat and battle their own fouls, and think it a piece of justice and righteouf- nefs fo to do. 1 o. That fin which we think of firfi in the morning, and laft in the evening, is like ro be our beloved fin. God is the chiefet} good,the prime objea of our love: and therefore as he is Alpha and Omega in himfelf, fo is he alto unto his people, the beginning and the end, thearti and P511.139.13. the laft : they begin the day with him, Pial.139.18. wheal /aware, I am flit! with thee : they end the day with him, thus the Spoufe, Cant.3.1.; Cant. 3.1. By night on my bed 1 fought him whom my foal loveth : you ?rfay 2,61. have mention of both there, Efay 26.9. with my fowl have 1 defired thee in the night, yea, with ntiyfpirit within me, will l feektheeearly. Now this fin that lam treating of,fike that zrouo>,thar lawlefs perfon that we z Thefa.8. read of z Ther.z.8.that man of fin, ver. 3. oppofeth and exalteth its felf in the foul aboveall that is called Gad, and (iitteth in the feat of God. A beloved iuf3 is ufually the (inners fir(+ and loaf, he gives it entertain- ment fire in the morning, and cakes his leave of it laf in the evening: yea,this darling fin mutt beentertained and made much on in theBed- I'fa1.36.4. chamber : thePfalmi(t fpeaking of a wicked man, Pfal.36.4. tels us, he devifeth mifchiefon his bed :for themot.+part that is avery friend, that we admit to opr bedfides. i 1. That fin which mot} infeis us, and troubles us in our folitud s, and retirements, that is our beloved fin, my meaning is when a man is alone, in his Clofer, or in the Fields, and his thoughts run a drift : that fin whichof them they move towards, and dole with, that may he his beloved fin ; the current of the foul is that way. O Chri(ian, mark the workings of thy heart in private, and thou mayt} poffibly make fome difcoveries. When a man retires himfelf into fomefolicary place