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Sertn.3. be difceveredandmortified ? place, it is ufually abfurd to trouble him : 'cis a friend indeed, that fats in with him, and offers his company in that cafe, that fin is more than ordinarily beloved by ue, that interpofes in our privacies. i z. And laltly, that fin, that we are willing to enduregreateft hard- fhips and fufferiygs for, that is our beloved fin : for in(tance, fuppofe Coveroufnefs be the darling fin, what bale abfurd, unreafonable offices will it put a man upon : how fcraping, and nigardly and dunghill -like will that man live, in his Town, or in his Parilh ; and expofe himfeif to (corn and contempt from every one that knows him. Suppofe s/ m- bitionbe the beloved fin, how will a man in that cafe, fwear and for- fwear, and temporize, and like the Boat-men, look oneway and row another : almoft any thing for preferment. If itncleanuef?be the mans particular fin, how will he defiroy his body, difgrace his name, over- throw his eilate,for the gratifying of his lull ? I dareaver, that the wort and bafeft drudgery imaginable, to fcoure Ketcels and Difhes, to tug at the Oar, to dig at the Mine, are honourable imployments, in compari- fon of this. ttfe 3. Is for Exhortation, and Dire6lion, to preis you co the mortificati- on of your beloved (in, and Phew you how ir may be mortified : lei me take up that Scripture again, mortifie your members, which are upon the Col.., earth, that is, let every fin be mortified ; for you mull know,as death is to the members of the natural body,fo is mortification to the members of the finful body. Now in death the foul is feparated not only from one member, as it is in a paralyfs, or numbPalfey, but'from al Leven from the principal parts of the body as well as others : fo 'cis in fpiricual death, there is a feparation of the foul, not only from this or that linful -member, bu: from the whole body of fin, from the principal parts and members of this body, as well as others : the right eye is dead,the right hand is dead, it mu(t needs be fo,the one ispluckt out, and the other is cut off. AChriftian mutt deal by his darling lufl,as the ifraelites dealt by A- donibez,ek, they cut off his thumbs, and his great toes, fo mutt thou deal with this fin, hack it, maim ir, that is may not be able to go nor Band, nor a&, nor air, if it were poftible : and for that purpofe take chete di- re6tions. z. Labour to have your heart Reeled, with an holy courage, and re- folKtion againft this fin, it is upon the account of bafenefs and cowardli- nefs