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To my moil unfeignedly `Belaved Parifhioners of St. G I LESCripplegate. it]y Dear friends, He(e Sermons, bothpreached,and printed,are the meet product of love to your Souls. I never yet ( that I remember) went tho- row the Parifh without fame (though not *ably compafionate) heart -aking yearn- ings towards my charge, to think ( and oh that I could think of it according to the worth of Souls) howmany thou%ands here are piling to Eter- nity, that within a few years will be in Heaven or Hell, and I know not how, fo much as to ask them whither they are going. While God continues me your Watchman, I fhall affeâionately define, and Collicitoufly endeavour to keepmy felf pure from the bloodof all men, and that not only for the gas -©.2.F. laving of my own Soul, by delivering my Meffage ; hut that you alCo may be faved by entertaining it. I am willing there- fore to commend unto you force legible provocations to[eri- ous Piety, and therefore have procured a contribution of help, that in the multitude of Spiritual Conanfellors your Souls may 2rov, z I.i4. have fafety. In fhorr, my Brethren,give me leave to fay, that A 3 if s