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The four falls of the unrege nerate. f Sam.4.1 ;,. What Relaplei are S Thefe are the fallings of the children of Gad, and there are four worfe than thefe follow, of the unregenerate, and each worfe than other. a. The ñrll whereof is a final fall ( taut not a Total at firft ) but info,- libleby degrees,fenfim finefenfu, grow worfe and worfe, as the Thorny ground,choaked with cares,or drowned with the pleafures of theworld. This proves like Vies fall, they fall backward, break their neck.!, and dye ofit, ndmay with him be much lamented and pitied,but trey are dead and loft. 2. Some fall totally and finally, but not premeditate), and volrn- tarily at firft, but are driven back by the lyon of Perfecutìon and Tri- bulation in theway, and they retreat. Theft endure forafeafon, as the ítony ground ; and leaving God, they are for cvet left and forfaken of la im, a Chron.23.9. This is like the fall of Sifera at the feet of 74e4 ]udg.5.27. At her feet he bowed, hefell, he lay dawn : at her feet he bowed, befell ; where he bowed, hefelland lay down dead. 3. Some more fearfully, Totally, finally, voluntarily, deliberately, but net yet malicioufly. Thus Dema& i< fuppofed to fall, whoofa for- ward Difciple or Teacher, is faid to have become after an Idol Priefi at Theffaloneca, (fo Dorotheus reports of him.) Thus fell Sud, who having rejeìed the Word ofthe Lord, the Lord rejeaed him, and the fpirit of Goddeparted fromhim, and anevil fJirit from the Lord troubled him. Of thefe three lad I may fay as Elifha ro gazael of Benhadad,aKin, 8.1o. Thefemay certainly recover, howbeit, faith he, the LordpathJhewed me that he Jhallforely dye. Trefehave nor yet crucified the Son of God afrefh, nor done defpight to the Spirit of grace, therefore it is not im- poffible they fhould be renewed again to repentance. Thefe are like Sardis, Rev. 3. a, 2, 3. may have a name to live., best are dead : Their works not perfedt beforeGod, ready to dye, vet are cilled once again to Repentance, otherwife certaindeftruaion threarned. But this is like the fall of IHaman,whole doom was read by his Wife and belt Friends.lfonce thou beginnefl tofall, thoufhalt not recover, bet fhalt certainly fall irrecoverably. And thefe end fearfully ufually, and unpityed fpe&acles of Gods wrath, to aftonifh and warn orhers,as Spira once. 4. The fourth and lad fill follows, which is like the opening of the fourth Seal, and the fourth horfe appears, a pale horfe, andhe that fate OK