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Serm, q. incosfflent withGrace ? 8t frmitywhich though repented of, a godly perfon maybe again over- tlikp9 with and foyled, yet not his lafl end worfe than his beginning. Thus was fonah overtaken with his paílion a fecond time, Abraham with his excufatory lye, the Difciplcs after a former rebuke a fecond RMat.2,o.2 ç. timecontending for ft,perioriry. with The firfl fall in this kind I flaould liken to a fad and dangerous fall, '- 5' by which one bath broken a bone in his legor arm, which though it put him to much pain is well fec ag,in,and he becomes as ftrong as before,: butmore wary while he lives; David (peaks of his fall into fin, that is wasas a breaking of his bones. But a fecond fall, is like the breaking of Pfal. 5r the bone the fecond time, which is more hardly fet, and put to more pain, and it may be theman feels it at times to his dying day. But a third or more frequent relapfe,is like the putting of an arm out of joynt, again arad again, not being well bound and looked to in time, becomes habitually loofe and never keeps the place : fo it is here, Cre- 'roru and frequent aEls of fin beget an habtc,and cuflorn in fin,and then as foon may the Ethiopian change his skin, and the Leopardhisfpots, as one Jcr.r g. , j. accuflomed to do evil, ever learn to do well. Bernarddefcribes the Reps of fin, how it comes to its height. Fir(l: time it is importable, next time heavy, nomore importa- 41e, importablle, proccfic tem- bl then ea/le, then light, thenBeer, arlaíl neceffary ; poris grave, Paulo pofi leve,pofäcec and what was at firft importable to becommitred,is now placer r fuave ejî, adleve,;nu,n, impoffible to be omitted. And Sr..4tsflin confirms this quid erat impartabile ad facien by a storyof his own Mot her,whoby lipping of the Cup dum,e(ì i;xpo bile, ad continen- at firfl when fhe filled the Wine, learnt at lafl to take dum, Conf. E. 2oíuuatate almofl whole Cups, Qi medic.: non fpernit paulatins perverfa fac'.'a eficonfuetudo, darn ceufitetudìni n.oiL refitti NOV decide, is his good note upon it, he that makes a final( fa[ía ell necef]îtas. Aùg.conf.1.s. matter of fmall fins, is is the ready way to fall into Ad ilium modicum, quotidiana the greatefl. Every new relapfe into a former fin, wadi ca addendo in earn confuetu- is like the adding of a new figure to the fir(I Cypher, ding lapfa erat, ut prope earn which raifeth the finners account ten or an hundred plci meHi o onf.19.ulas :n:.anc, times more. Therefore if thou haft been overtaken once, flop and be humbled, and fay, once I have fpoken or done amifs, but Iwill not anfwer to plead for my fell; ware the fecond time, the fecond fall, as the fecond blow c makes the fray: but if a fecond time, fay you twice, but 1 will pried Job 5 os5. nofurther: but be fure thou take heed of drawing fin with a threefold l aTi 8. . cord, or cart-rope : this threefold cord is not eaf :ly broken, take heed Ifa.a.i of a third aEl ; fear, and the pit, and the fnart arebefore thee : Oh bold and prefumptuous Linger : if thou efcape thefear (of thefirfl aE}) thou M mayfl