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8a Pfa1,i t.4. Judg, t 6.zo. What Relap(es are Serm.q., maya l errih in the pit (for the fecend) but if thou efcape thew, (boil wilt be taken in the fnare (the third time, )upon the ungodly, God rainet{j fnares, God gives once to a reprobate mind, and they are gone. Think not after a third or fourth a61 of prefamptuous fin, to go and fhake thy felf( by prayer and repentance ) as Sa.mpfenonce, and that thy tfrengrh may return to thee to be delivered from thefe Philiflines which lye ín wait for thee,hedid fo but will not (till he found it by woful experience) that the Lord tom departedfrom hire ; fo may it be with thee, therefore be warned. This i, informs us that poflible it is for men ( yea, too ordinIrv) t® fall fromgrace : The Text fuppoffth it,and in another place,Heb. r 2.15. the Apostle Items us to laok,diligently !ell any fallfrom the grace of God, the Angels did fo at firfi, and Adam loon after, and that whichwas A1'erba®s Angelicau then, is Morbau Anglican now. The Lord may complain of us, as jullly as ever he did of Ifrael, My people are bent t. £cck fliding f om me, Hof. it. 7. and Ifa. r.5. why fho:ld ye be fmitten any more, ye will revolt more a4d more : and Jer.8. 5. why ss this people fiidden back by perpetual backeflidi. gs ? they hold fall deceit, they refrsfe to return. This ts, and of lace hach been the cafe and Ep.- ciemical Dafcaleof England. It is no rew thing to fee the Ions of fat- Ito man tofail, and fail away. Saul, Ioafh, Amaziah, jades, DOWN, .Alexander fell awayof old. Of all Bract that came our of Egypt with ,el.fes and Áaron,only cwo,Caleb and fohuxh,followed God fully,Nurn. 14.24. Of the four grounds,in the Parableonly one Geld our. Many of john Baptifls hearers left him and fell away, roh.5.3 5. Many of Chrias hearers and difciples, 7oh.6.6 5. Many of Peters, 2 Pet.2.20. Many of *Pauli, aTim.1.15. and 1 Tino.5.1 5. Malay of fohts tine Evangelitis hearers, i Joh.2.19. They went out from sss, becanfe they were not if eu, for had they been of ass, they would no doubt have continuedwith us kot they went out that they might be made manife¡l, thatthey were not all of su. But noneof theft avere ever sincere Chrt(Iisns and found at tie heart. We wonder not to fee an houle built on the fand to fall, or feed not having root wither, or trees in the parched Wildernefsdecay,7.r.17.6. er Meteors vanüh, or Blazing-liars fall, or Clouds without rain blown abouc,or Wells without Springs dried up. So for Hypocrites to prove Apostates no f?range thing, and utterly to fall away.There are four wills Line have obferved. a. The Divine will never alters or turns. 2. The .Angels will hath turned, never returns. 3. The will of man faln turned, *ad i'n converíion returns. 4. The will of Apearcs after that grace re- cci.ve4