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Serm.4. iarcoofifiext withGrilse ? 85 firikes off the bands,andopens the irongate. 6. And, a to comfort,he may be ac an utter lofs, walkin dark cfs, Ifa. So.10 ; judge himfelfcuts off, Ezek. 37. I I. his hope perifhed, Lam. 3.18. Godhiding irris face, Satan £hewinghis teeth, caning forth a fioud, and {hooting in a peal offiery darts, Curfe God anddye. Thou art mine as lure asdeath, as fure of damnation,as I my fe!f. Then how loth a poor foul mourn! I ant forfaken and quite cal+ out of fight, I am as a bottle in the fmoak ( of hell ) like a broken veffel, or fire-brand referved for hell : as poffible for this Venice glafs,faiiil that dit reffed Gentlewoman Mrs. Honeywood, not to be broken when it falls on theground, as for me to efcape the damnatiòta of hell. God can do much faith he, but Both hePhew wonders among the dead, Pfal.88.1o. Then pray he would, but cannot, hope he would, but canna, believehe would, but dare not, fear he would not, but mrsfl, refolve he would to call himfelfupon God,but he fees his refoluti- on fat another way, and he cannot he thinks change it,therefore cloth he nor go about ir. To God he faith,Iam calf out of thyfight, Pfal.31.22. ToSaran, Vicifli Samna, Flafk thoufound, me, Omine enemy ? to defpair I yield,but call not for quarter, nor beg I mercy ; To atfli Lion he faith, I am in the belly of hell, the weeds and chains of hell wrap me about ; To Minifters and ether friends he faith, Stand away,go not about to com- fort me, Ifa.22.4. To promifesandexperience he faith in his ha(Ie,All areLyars. Yet may the tide turn, and theSun of Righteoufnefs arife after a long winter, and continual night as in chofe remo-eClimates, who fit in the region and fhadowof death, and comewith healing underhís wings; and he may cry our, Rejoyce with me, nave found him whom my foul loveth ; the foil fheep is found by the good fl-repherd, the loll Saviour is found, Luke 2. the lo(1 Star feen again, Mat.2. And the utterly defpairing hopes of falv_rtion are difappointed by a fafe, though hazardous coming to land, _Aar 27.20, and 44. For Gods ele&ion (}ands firm,and his love is unchangeable,and his gifts without repentance ; and the undercaKing of Chriff is to keep lais to the end, that none (hall pluck them out of his hand; and whom he gives himfelf for, he prefents them fpotlefs and blarnelefs before his Ton.3.r. Gratia t?."c liter intrrrrritti tur, necfiraaliter atl3dttltKr. A%- aus enzrttitrs , habitas non a mittitssr ; aaie pervertitvr, desnol fisb: e; titur ; caiacuti tssr; ,;on ercut:-- uar, f s, Etas, latet pc cm; jus ad num a ai itG;tt dertzesïto,:è non Father. ejfeêliz,,e, rrrd. Therefore are the Godly as firm and fafe fromutter fallingaway, as E,f `Eras 04 Mount Sien from being retroved, or an houle on a rock from being Po" subverted. - at Altus pulls scats rot Here follows an life of Terrour, and (peaks to four Sorts. difjoEz itu> a. This cswfißr :.