Annesley - Houston-Packer Collection BX9327 .M6 1664

66 2 life cf .Terrosar. Hic vidernta quanta fit Apo- ftafaæ at;ocita4, nihil ad cam enricidia,adul rein,fuita,d,rc !'ar,ia IQ. iaw.2..3 s. Luke 1z.43. a Sarn.11.14. a Sax1.2.24. Wat Aelapfes are Serm.4: I . This Text is thunder and lightning againl# Apof1ates. Awake you drowfie Profeffors. There is no fin like Apoffacy : Adulteries, Man-flaughcer, Theft, Idolatries,&c. no, king to this ; No impoffîbl@ written over them, they have been renewed to repentance, I Car.6. lo,I I. Mary Magdalen; feven unclean fpirits ; and Manaffes ten or more, not fo bad as the unclean fpirit going out, and a return with an Osdeas maloruns Mirittruan, as Irenasas callsit, with feven other fpirits more betides it feif. Thou arc in thehigh -way to perdition, to the fin againfl the Holy Ghof}. Sins and judgments meet together in this fin. The Catarad}s of upper and heather fprings, all. the windows of heaven and fountains of thegreat deep, (as in that great Deluge, Gex.rt.) are broken up to drown thee in perdition. i by fins making way for more judgements, and this judgement makingway for more fins, till between theft two feas thy foul (as that veal, 451.27.41.) is eternally khipwrackr. if thou art not altogether pafi feeling, crucifying the Son of God afrefh, and treading his Bloud and Covenant under foot. I found this Trumpet to warn thee, or to deliver my own foul, Remember whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do thy.N1 work!, Rev.2.5.Be watchful and ßrengthenwhat id ready to dye, Rev. 3.2.Haffe,efcape for thy life,loob not elö+e- hind thee, as was faid to Lot, or as Jonathan iri another cafe,Away,mak. freed, hafte,flay not. 2. This freaks terrour toProfeffors fallen,or lying in fcandalousfine, you cannot fin at fo eafie a rate as others,youknow yourMall erstrill and do it swot, therefore (hall be beatenwith mcreflripes. You a re as a Ciry fer on an hill, your fault cannot hehid, no more than an Eclipfe of the Sun: when the Moon or other Stars totally Eclipfed, no notice is taken of them. You make the enemies of Religionblafpkeme, or deride godlinefs, you make the Lordspeople to tranfgref?.your fins are more infeuious then others,your repentance had need be extraordinary, not only for pardon which you haply may obtain, but for the fcandal which others may take which you cannot poffibly prevent. 3. Terrour to fuch as after conviClion and engagements under affii- &ion and difirefs, after forte prayers,vows,arld a begun, or refolved re- formation,rerurn to former courfes,as they after what they promifed in their difirefs. er.34.T 5,I6.rerurned when delivered, and flarted afide like a broken bow.The new broom of afl',16lion !wept the houle clean for the prevent, but afterwards the unclean fpirit returns,and this wailed iow is wallowing in the rnireagain. 4. Such as lapfe and relapfe into the fame fin again, as Pharaoh, 3-e- roboam,