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Serm.4. ixconfiient withGrace :' roboam, and thole Antichriílian brood, Rev.9.20,2I. which repented nor; notwithtlanding all judgements,conviUions,con£ eflions,promifes goftom evil to Norfe; from atNiecion to fin, from fin to duty,and from duty to fin ; repent and fin, fin and repent ; and from repenting of fin Jcr.9./. in ditirefs, go to repent of their repentance when delivered. Pharaoh ,vnfaith all he had laid, and faith his repentance backward; as thedoor turnerh and returneth on the hinges, is fometimes (hat, by and byopen again ; fo there in no conflans pofture, their goodnefs like a morning dew,a little devotion in a morning, for all companies till night comes, then a little evening dew again ; Amphibia that live in both Elements, Abdo Ecslefas, mode theatre replentes, now you fee them at a Sermon, Aa, anon at a Play- houfe,as Solomon! Harlocfacrificing in the morning,pro- flituting her felf to all fiithinefs at night, or as Solomons drunkenbean, that bath had knocks and blows, yet being befottedwith his drink, or company, faith, They haveflrit-ken me andbeatenme, but 1 felt it not, l'rtsv.7. T4, ,> when I awake Ifha/l feek it again ; or as Efays debauched warchmen,who Prov..3.z having drunk fufficiently one day, fay They will do as much tomorrow, I5.56.i:.. and more too, and fo had their drinking matches and rantings from day to day. The third Ufe is of Dircrimination,to difcover who is clean and who 3 Ufe unclean in refpea of falls and relapfes ; and toput a differencebetween the holy and prophane, which is the proper work of a faithfùl Prophet : to fome we are to open the door of hope, to fome toPhut it : every fin ELeti.zz.zs, is not a fax to death; every difeafe not the Plague ; every Ulcer not a a loh.sr7: Leprojie. I. There are Tome who have fallen into foul fins, and they think their cafe defnerac e, becaufe of the greatnefs of their fins ; but their fin is not tie fin ag.>infI the Holy Ghoft, becaufe not committed after light, tale, partaking of the Holy Ghofl, &c. but in thedaies of their ignorance, as Paul once : fome fall touly after converfion, as Peter, but not deliberately, malicioufly, and both there may be the- fpots of children, they fee the plague in their heart, feel the (mart, there have r Kin ,3;$,. foul jabs, but they go to fordaa and wash, go to the fountain opened for fin and uncleanness, and then though their {ins bean fcarlet, they (hall be as white as fnow, though red like trimfen, they 111411 be ai white as I a. s ,t L, aoell. _ a. There be come Relapfes through humane infirmity, which are truly bewailed, this is not tin againf % the Holy Ghoa neither. Come- ¡Nato the Camp, I pronounce filch clean : For I, there is no raw yell) of pride and prefumption in them. z, All is trurrredwhite, by true re pentaaa4e,