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ChainofPrinciples. 75 and how longhis precepts were to be Exerc. z. obeyed, he returned this anfwer, Un. till there come a more holy one, by whom the fountain of truth ¡ball be opened, andwhom all mayfafely follow. V. The precepts and pra&ife of fuch as teach and profefs other Religi- ons are inconfìflent with thofeGofpe!- rules which Chriff and his Apoícles have given for the regulating ofdivine worfhip. Two whereof I fhall in- fiance in. The firf$ is that which fell fromour Saviours own mouth, God is a Spirit, Jo 4'224° and they that wor/hip him mull worfhip him in Spirit and in truth. Where Spirit in the latter claufe feems to Band in opposition partly to theformality of the Jews,-who did fo wholly addi& themes felves to outward obfervances in a f i- ritlefs way, as to give our Saviour oc- cafion of laying, Dell bath Ifaiah prophe- lied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people bonouretb me with their lips, but their heart is farfromme. In vain do they wor Mirk 7e 6,7. L 2 fhip