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4Chain of Principles. 79 felves to be wife oapoi (the name where- Exerc. z: by that fort of men were commonly known, witness the ¡even wife men of Greece) beforePythagoras invented that other of v4o1,¢oì lovers ofii%dome, as more m odelL. §. q.. The fecondgrand dire&ion a- bout the manner of woríhip is, that it be performed in the name,and through the mediation ofJefus Chrifr who faith ofhimfelf I am the way, No man Job. 14. 6, comes to the Father but by me : And of whom Paul faith, Whatfoever ye do in colon: 3.17. word or deed doall in the name of the Lord Jefus; whereupon Luther was bold to adcgrcädora_. trar, docerur & a%rt, That all the prayings, teachings and vivitur extra t na e ailings ofmen are eut ofChrifi idolatry and ädhe1J1iftaturra ft finin the fight of God. Now although ''ate Veo e ,% J ,f j eccateirn. the firft dire&.ion were not altogether Lu. tom. 3. editther. Jeneni. unknown to fome of the Gentiles, as 3o0. may be gathered from fundry paílages in their writings cited by Grotius in his notes upon John the fourth at the four and twentieth verfe, and by Do- dour Meric .Cafaubon in his fecond book De