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8 f Chain of Principles. A1313. 2. co-very ofwhat belongs to divinewor- ihip that the wife{} Philofophers in their morali tradates have not onely been filent as to faith inChriíl, and re- pentance from dead works and fuch other eminent duties of religion but commended to their readers forne ha- bits and actions for Vertues and du- ties, which in Scripture are reprefent- ed as vices and fins. For example, Ariflotle one ofNatures highprieíls,in his Ethicks, one of the chaiceflpieces of morality extant, maketh a vertue of Eutrapelia, which Paul under that very term prohibits as a thing inconveni- 4. ent for Chriilïans, 2' either filtbinefs, nor Jo-olf1ì talking nor Eutrapelia jelling 'Dins) are not convenient. So alío .ZVenze- jis, that is, griefand indignation at the profperityofunworthy men is byhim reckoned among fuchaedions as are near of kin to verrues, but condemned at large by David in Pfalm the thirty leven, and by Solomon in the Proverbs, P%oy=4. 9. laying, Fret not thy feef becaufe of evil men,