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To the ` Bader. It is called il Chain of Princi pies for fundry reafons likewife. Firft,From the Connexion,which theyhave one with another. For like as in a chain there are divers links joyned together,and thefe in amutual dependance &concolnia tancy and fubordination Even' fo is it likewifewith the DoEtrines and Principles of Chriítian Reh pion. They are connexed, and knit fo together, as that, there cannot, be a denial of one of them : but more will confequently fall with. it. Look as in things neceffary: to be done, there is, a dependance' and connexion of Commands fo . that he,who breaketh one Law is . interpreted tobreak allthe reft,.& to be guiltyofan Vniver/il tranfl grelsion