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97/ . chain of Principles. Aph 2. way the better man, would be ready to take offence at this, and to fay, as it is in the firfl verle ofthe third chapter, What advantage then bath the. yews or what profit is there of circumcifion ? The Apoflle anfwereth by way of concll lion : and though he hold his conclu- lion firm ( which is that both Jews Rem, 3,912,2_ and Gentiles confìdered in their na- turals are all under fin,. and that in this relpe& there is no diffrence) yet he rea- dily granteth that in forne regards the Jews far excelled the rat oftheworld. Divers of their priviledges are infinu aced in the former part of the fecond verle, Much every may; in the latter one inflamed in as moll confiderable Chiefly becaufe unto them were committed the Oracles of God. 4 6. V. Thole werepreferved with much folicitude. Hiflory telleth us Vici. Mosinaci how great care the Romanes took for Vaces, lib. 3. ca. z. the fafe cuflod of the Sibylline ora- cles in their Capitol after Tarquin had bought them : when the Capitol was burnt