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9+ ,Chainof Principles. Aph. z. his company beingdrowned) he was difcovered and taken up in that pof:ure alive. The onely way of preferving fouls from being drowned in eternal perdition,is having thegrace and truth ofScripture fobound upon theheart as to be willing to part with money or any thing elfe, for the fafety of them. It is well worthyofour heft confiderati- ©n how much andhowoften Solomon in the proverbs preffeth this. It is known how careful! the moil are to Prov. 8. io. get andkeep flyerandgold,but Receive ny in/IruEion (faithWifdome there) and not filver; and knowledge rather then choice gold.Yet as well as men lovemoney they will rather let go that then lofe their members, whereofnone are moredear Chap.. T, 2. then the appleof the eye. MyJon (faith he) keepmy words, and lay upny command- ments with thee: keep ny commandments and live,andmy law a the apple ofthine eye. Yet skin for skin and all a man bathwill he give for his life: ifthe lofsofamem- ber or two will fave that they {hall go. His.