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el ChainofTrim-spies. 99 fes. Whereas Scripture is free, not one- Exerc. 4. ly from all degrees of fal .food ( for of it we may fay Verityofverities, all is verity) but offlattery too. Infomuch as it may be obferved concerning the pen-men ofholyScripture, that, con- trary to the cuftome and guife of hu- mane writers, they are not more free, full and impartial in any relations then in thofe which concern their own failings and theirs who were neareí anddear& to them. Motes his unbelief, Davids bloud-guiltinefs, 70nabs pettiíh- nefs yeresnies impatience, Pauls perfe- cution are recorded by their own pens. And whereas the other Evangelifts in the enumeration of Chrifts Apoftles barely name Matthew for one, without fetting anybrand upon him,he himfelf telleth us what he had been before Chrift called him, Matthew the publicane. Manna 'G. 3. Yea whereas Paul in his epiffle to the Galatians hadbrought in a charge a- gainft Peter for Judaizing, and fpoken oaiat. x. I" ofhis own refilling him openly becaufe he O 2 MieS