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'Ti, the `Reader. Fences vhatfoever. The Pin -, cipler of Chriflianity as theyare United within themlves, fo they do marvellouyunite thoft who do really and cordially embrace Co=. roto. them, and make them toPeak the fame thing that there be nodivons amongil them; But to be perfect- ly joyned together in the fame minde, and in thefame judgement: as the ilpoflle expre eth it. From thence it cometh to paf , that there is fo much di /Union inje- clion becaufe there is fo much kas 40 37. difIradion inopinion. Whereas the Primitive Beleevers, whiles they were all of one Faith, they were anfwerably all of one heart andof .phef.4.3. onefoul; and fo pre Irving theuni- ty ofthefirit in the bondofpeace. Thirdly,