Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

124 ei Chain of Principles. Aph. 3. might areboth ofthem fo confeffedly great, there muf$ needs bea God to re- ffrain and countermand them; elfe the world would loon be turned into a a mere hell full ofnothing but abo- minations and confufion. §: 3. I V. If he do def]iicere look downward to things below himfelf, whofe nature is inferiour to that of man ; the contemplation ofelements, plants and brute bea.f}s will extort the ziai _; confefsion of a Deity. The heavens de, clare the glory of God and the firmament lbovetb his handy-pork. Nor there alone, which have fo much of magnificence in them : but the leaf flie ifit could be anatomized would be found to have in it more miracles then parts; fuch proportion of members , diftin &ion of offices, correfpondence ofin- itruments as fpeaketh the infinite power and wifdome of the Maker. 301,; :.7;8)9, Well might yob fay, as he did, ./Isk n rn the heaps and they lhall teach thee, and the fowls of the air_, and they(hall tell thee : or jean