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'48 eif Chain ofPrinciples. Aph. 3. the vaf} ocean though but one, re- ceiveth divers names from the feverali fhores it waflleth upon : fo however Juflice, Mercy, Power and the refe, be feverall names fuited to different ope-. rations; yet God is but one finnple AEI under thofe varíons denominations. Left we fhould therefore apprehend them to be fuch qualities as our virtues are, really d.ií}inguifhable, yea and fepa- rable from our being ( as appeared. when the firs} man fell from his holia nefs yet continued a man flill) Seri:- paure dotter fometimes predicate them; of God in theabjiraft : as when Chriff. Proverb. P. is flyled TV :Arne; when it is laid., God, Job. s. 6. is love, and the Spirit is truth. Men may be called loving, wife and true : God, is love, wifdome and truth it fell. The Apoftle telleth, us that if God fwear, H b. e , z; , he loth it by bimfel fand no other; yet. we Qs..35. finde him in the Pfalm [wearing by his, Moline[ : whence it foiloweth that his holinefs is himfelf. Chria is ufually fit at the right hand ofGod; but in.