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ExER.c1TATIoN 7. Pag. 25 ;. The depth of Divine Omnifcience teen in difcerning the deep things of man , yea rf Satan , yea ofGod. Our Nefcience di/co- vered and acknowledged. The longitudeof Gods perfectionhated. Eternity proper to hint. Not of fmed by, or afcribed to men without blaFj hemy. EXERCITATION 8 lag. 263. Divine immenfity fhadowed out by the breadth of the Sea. Divine Omnipre- fence cleared and vindicated. The propos fal hereofas an antidote againfl finning in fecret. Five practical corolla- ries from the greatnefs of God in gene - ral. A P H O R I S M E . V. Peig. 277. The Goodnefs and Gbeatnefs of God are both abundantly manifefted A by