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AChain of principles. L.NERCLTATION I. Pfal. x44. end opened. l;leffednef what. Solo- tnons fcope in Ecclefiafles. why he fides him- felf Coheleth. His teitimony concerning the creatures. Their threefold tranfendent vanity. intellectual accomplifiments brought under the fame cenfure, by rea f nof the folly, enmity, anxi- ety and inftifficiency that attend them. Ana o- flrophe to the world. His is a. cafe, which bath long fnce been deter- mined by the Prophet David,who in Pfalm the hundred four- ty fourth, after he had twice charged thofe. whom he calls orange children, with a mouthJj eaking unity, once in the eighth,and again in the eleventh verfe, goethon to record (as good Interpre- ters ancientandmodern do conceive ) the fubl+ance of their vain talk in a way of boat ing about their flourifh_ ing condition in reference to thriving of children Our Ions, fay they, are as plants grown up in their youth (not wifh- ing they might, as we reade it, but boafting Augu,(iin. Ge- arebrard. Ain(- zmortb. sfo. Baptq. Folen- lius in Pfal. 4:4