Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

Chain of Principles. z at a mighty river. , a Jordan, a Thames, T'xerc, they all go fatisfied away, none com- plainingof want, noneenvying ano- ther becaufe there was water enough for them all : whereas had they come to a littlebrook there would not have been found enough toquench thethirit ofeveryone. So here.The creatures are finall brooks that have but a little wa- ter in them, yea broken ciflerns that hold Jerem,a.13 °. no water : No wonder if fouls return empty froin them. But Chriít hath a ri- ver for his followers ,able to give them all fatisfadion. We mutt not exiled more from a thing then the Creatour bathput into it. He never intended to put the virtue of foul-fatisfying into anymear creature but hath referved tohimfelf, Son and Spirit the content- ing of fpirits as a principally part of divine prerogative. To fuch as expe& it elfewhere,that perfon or thing they rely upon may fay as Jacob did to'-a- chel, 4m I in Gods /lead ? 4. 2. Certain it is that none can D 3, make