Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

32. Apor. vexed ; my foul ago is fore vexed. In an- Pia.; 7,8. other thus There is no Jo' undnefs in my flefh ; 1 am feeble and fore broken, I have roared by reafon g f the di/quíetuefi of my heart. 4. 2. But as when Peter walking upon the waves, and perceiving how boiflerous the winds were, began to fink, Jefus immediately .wretched forth his hand and caught him : So when the Pfalmifts fleJh and heartfailed, God even then was the flrenth o. f his heart; according to the Original The rock of it. Rocks are not more fortifying to Cities and Cafiles built upon them, then God is to his peoples hearts. A fincere beleevers foul is therefore aí- Ma"L 7.z5. fìmilated by our Saviour to an Hou f founded upon a rock; which was every way affaulted in the roof by rain de- fcending upon that, in the foundation by flouds wafEing upon it, in the walls by -winds bluifering again if them; and yet flood becaufe it was flrong, was flrong becaufe founded on a rock. Such Chain of Principles.