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33 Plá1.:7.1 3. Ifa. 5;. ;: Chain ofPrinciples. be verified at once without a paradox in different refpe&s. By reafon of remainders of unbelief in themofI re- generate on this fide heaven, when Sa- tans temptations fhall ftrike in with their corruptions , holy men may be induced in a fit ofdejeaionbecaufe the Lord hath call them doDn, to conceive and fay hehath call them ofDavid once faid, I had fainted, unlef I hadbeleeved to fee the goodnei of the Lord in the land of the living. Such fainting flows from not beleeving; filch unbelief is much fomented bynot confidering that ( as no outward blel'sing is good enough tobe a figne of eternal Eleâion fee- ing God often filleth their bellies with hid treafure, who treafure up to them- felves wrath againft the day ofwrath, fo ) no temporali affli&ion is bad enough to be an evidence of Reproba- tion ; feeing the dearefl fon of Gods love was a manofgrows, and acquainted 3vithgrief Yet may the fame heart at the fame time be f{rengthened from another