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AChain of Principles 59 ofthe earth, Thinde, grafi and the f4diver- of.Exerc 4 graft the leafl things, hardly things. So ecmes c'.e Ja z. ii, lomon brings them down to the low- Luke c6. JO: eft degree of entity, yea tonullity, fay 1'. ing, Labour not to be rich milt thou fit Pr". _;. 4) s thine eyes upon that Thick is not ? 4, i o. Let Diotrephes then fay, It is good for me to have the preeminence* Judas It is good for me to bear the bag; Demo, It is good for me to em- brace this prefent world. But do thou, Omy foul, concludewith David, It is Prat, 73. :a good for me to dram near to God. Thou s. art now as a. bird in the [hell, a [hell of i =ñu 4 N'ICtSJS .19tS2 flea which will fhortly break, and ; nttu»A r let out the bird : This crazy bark of my body ere long will be certainly fplit upon the fatal rock ofdeath; then muff thou its prefent pilot forfake it, and fwim to the fhore of eternitie. Therefore, O everlafling creature, fee and be lure thou content not thy fell with a tranfitory portion. I do not Lord, thou knoweli I do not. Of a fmall handfull of outward things I am I z ready