Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Promifes concerning things ternporall. 63 fromGod that heewill effablifh him in grace, and teach him the good way which hee ought to goe, that bee-will fan6lifie him in foule , spirit, and body , and keepe him blameleffe unto the comming of our Lord Jelus unto judgement ? And when hee difcerneth anyfuch promife to bee made, it is not hard to conceive, withwhat deare af- fe6lion and flrong adherence hee doth receive it, how clofe hee layeth it up in his foule, and fiveetly feedeth upon it. This promife is sweet, and beleefe thereof flir- ting and operative: for it hearteneth to the praolice of mortification and new obedience with great courage, chearefulneffe, and flayedneffe; it quickeneth and encou- rageth to pray, as neceflïties (hall give caufe; it preferveth from fainting anddifmayednefl'e, when flrength is not verie great; and if- at any time, through weaknefï'eand infirmitie, fecuritie catch hold uponus, faith in the promife, that God will beour flrength and help,is that whichraifeth us againe, andputteth courage intous to tight againfl theadverfaries of our foule. Many gracious and free promises, concerning the-blef- lings of this life, are difperfed in the Word of life, which faith receiveth as true and certaine, becaufe they come from the God of truth, who is faithful], fincere and con- fiant in all his promifés. Godlineffehath the promifes both of this lifeandthat which it to come. Hee thatfarednot his owne Son, but delivered him upfor toall: how ¡hall he toot with him alto freelygive us all things ? as health, maintenance, credit,prafperous:fucceffe in ourcallings and lawfulldealings, deliveranceour of troubles, and such like. This is the aflurance that God hath given, even his faith- full promife often repeated, many wayes ratified and con- firmed, that hee will make competent provition for his children : which is to faith better than many bils of fecu- ritie from men, yea, than large.pofiefsions inhandfor the prefenr. The worth and goodneffe of earthly blessings promifed is apparent , specially, when they bee given in loveand mercie, as giftsof the covenant, tokens of free grace,. Things tempera$. Genef.rg.s. Hcb. t3 S i Tim¢,8. Ro n.8.32.