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''r ¡¡ '¡ GJ _,[/Jhv¡¡. x x S?cV.a7ui"..S` A TREATISE1 OFFAITFI. into twoParts The firit flhewing the NA T U R E, The fecond, the LIFE ef, "fr' 0,1k7W.t of FAITH: e Both tending todire& theweake Chriftian how he F; 4 maypoífeírethewholeWordof Go n as his owne, overcome temptations,better his obedience, and live comfor- tably e, in all e(tates.. By yOH11t BALL. HAB. 2.4. The jssfifhall live by his Faith. , The third Editioncorre6led and enlarged. A LONDON, h Printed by Robert Tbrrng for Edward Brerfler, and are '604 tobefold athis Shopat thePigneoftheBible n. uponFleet bridge, i G 3 7. x i4+ +q+ ,

THE PREFACE TO THE READER. Lorious things are fpokcn of the grace ofgraces ( Faith) in the Scriptures, Godfettinghimfef to honour that grace that yeelds up all the honour unto him in Chrifi who indeedis the lifeof our life, andthefoule ofourOde. Faith onely as the bond ofunion bringeth Chrifi and thefoule together, and is is anar- terie that conveyesthefpiritfromhim as theheart, and ass thefinewes which convey the [pirit tomove all dutie from him as head; whence Saint Paul maketh Chrs living in us,andour living byfaithallone, Gal. 2.20. Now that which givethboldnej and liberty tofaith, is not onely Gods a f ignement ofthis office to it in the covenant ofgrace tocomeunto Chrifi , anduntohim iii Chrifí, to receivegrace, but likewife the graciouspro_ mifs whereby the rcat Godhath igagedhim feqr a deb pr, objq.00re creature all thin snceí áÍl to li eand ' odtine/e until/ that bleed timewhenwe /hall a ut into a lip e Sion o Ilthin swehavc now only i ro_m ewlen aith all end-in ruition, and roma elan er ormance. .Faith

The Preface to the Reader. Faith frrfl lookcs to thiswordofpromi fe andin the promife to Chrifl, in whom andfor whom, they are Yea. andAmen, bothmade andperfórmed.Andin Chrifl it eyeth Godin whom it lafß refleth,as itsproper center and foundation; othcrwife howJhould we weakefnfúllcrea- tures dare tohave any intercourfe with Godthat dwel_ leth in that light that none-can attain unto,ifhe hadnot comefirth anddifcoveredhisgoodpleafure inChri/i the fubflantiall Word, andin the word infpired by the Holy Ghoflfor the goodofthofi whom Godmeantfor to make heires offalvation? Now theft promifes whereon all our prefent comfort andfúture hopedépendéth,lie hidin"thc Scriptures,as veines ofgoldand f leer in the bowells of the earth, andhadneedbee laidopen, that codspeople may know what upongood grounds to lay :claime unto. Thole therefore thatfearch theft Mynes to bring to light theft trcafures, deftrve wellofGods Church. We com- mend(andnot without caufé) the wittieinduflry ofthofe thatfromSprings remotebring Rivers to Cities,andby Pipesfrorn thole Rivers derive water to every mans houfefor alldomeflicailfervices much more Jbouldwe eftecme of the religious paines ofmen that bring theft watersoflifehomefor every mans particular .ufe , in all thepaffages and turningsofthis life. In which regard,' donot doubt, but thepaines ofthis godly, painefull, andlearned man, willfindgaodenter_ tainment ofallchildren,ofthepromifésthat hope -toinhe- rit them,whobath withgreatpaines,andwithgoodevi- dence offpirituallunderftanding,endevouredto de-are moll matters concerningfaith;& likewifdifooveredthe variety andufeoftheprornifes,with teaching Chriflians bow toimprove their richesin Chrifl herefpreadbefore them,

The Preface to the Reader. them,how toufe theJhieldofFaith,and thefwordofthe Spirit uponalloccafions, that fo they might not onely bee beleeving,but ski¡full Chriftians, knowing how to man- nage and make the belt advantage oftheirfaith, and the wordofFaith. Which ifthey coulddoe , therewould another manner of power andbeauty fhive in their lives, thandoth.He isa man that bathformerly defervedwell oftheChurch, but inmorefeciall mannerfitted f ra Treatife ofthis nature, as avingBeene put to it, to o,. b ex cewhatit is tolixeb faith , having infightformattersofthis lifevery little whereupon to depend. Thofe that are driven to exercifi theirfaith, cannot butfindGodfaithfill,asneverfailingthefethat trufl in him, theyfeemoreofGodtbanothersdoe. Ifit beobjecîedthat othersoflatetime have digged in thefamemyne, and labouredin thefamefield,andto goodpurpofe andfuccefe : Ianfwer, it is true,themore this age isboundto Godthat direîis thefliirits ofinen to foufefüll,fneceffaryan argument, eeingwithoutfaith weehave no communionwith thentaineoflife, no- thing in this world that canyeeldfettledcomfort to ground thefuleupon, feeing without itthefaireflcar- riage isbut emptie anddead morality, neither finding acceptance with God, nor yeeldingcomfort tous in our greateft extremities,andby it Godhimfelfe,and Chrifl, withallthat he bathdone,fufered,conquered, becom- methours andfor our ufe.Befides,none that Iknowhave written incur Language fo largelyofthis argument : and (uchis the extentand iritualnes of this heavenly point,that manymen,&ofhegreateflgracesandparts, may withgreat benefit to the Church, dive anddigRill into thismyfterie..Neither let any except againfi the * 3 multitude

The Preface to the Reader. multitude ofquotationsofScriptures,theyare brought un- der theirproper head, and f t intheirproperplace,b the matter it_Rife is cut out into variety ofparts. Store (as wee ufe toflieake) is nofore ;we count it it delight to take out ofafull heape; the more light, the convielion isthe f ranger ; what futesnot at one time, willfuteourfiirits andoccafaonsat another, andwhat takethnot withone , may take with another. But thefull andwell handling ofmatters inthis Treatife cariesfuch fatisfáclion with it, that itfrees mefrom necefitieoffurther difoutfe ,r andmine aivueprefènt weakneff eofbodie takethmeoff; only Iwas willing to ryeeldthat teflimonie to thefuit= full pains ofa faithfull labourer in Gods Vineyard, that ijudgeit s dfirved. Receive it therefäre,Chriflian Reader, with thanks to Godthatflirreth upfilchhelpers ofthatfaithby .which wee live,(land, conquer, and in which we mull die,ifwe laoke to receive the endofour . faith, thefalvationofourfoules, RYCHAD "IBB S. i

m: ti$ k 4tiA l 4R9pj A A A A `` Y i®E^v3sv C GJ *.**'+. a,Tableopheprá,jí'4ll m4tte,r,r contained Tn thisfir/t Part. CHAP. I. HOw and in what re- fpe&s faith is ne- cef ary,Se& a Divers acceptations of the word faith, Se&.z p.z,3 Of divers kinds of Faith , § 3 Pag 3 Why fome kind of Faith is cal- led Hiftoricall, ibid. The difference betwixt Faith Mi- raculous and Ordinary, ibid. P4 Why true Faith is called Juftify- ing or favingFaith, ibid. In what phrafes this Faith is un- folded in the NewTeftamenr, P.4 TobeleeveGod , and to beleeve inGod,doe in Scripture import one and the fame thing, p.5 Not the habit (though that bee neceflary) but the aft andexer- cife of faith isrequired, S 5 p. 617 CHAP. II. j]ÇTHat Juftifying faith is, vV YV 41P.7 God theFather, in his Sonne Je fus Chrift,by theholy Spirit,is the authour offaith, § zp.7,8 Faith is agift in a fpeciall manner, molt free and profitable, ibid. How wee are faid to receive the HolyGhoft by Faith, ibid. How the Spirit is obtained by prayer, p.9 Faith isimpeded, though awork of theSpirit, § 3 p.9 Faith is a povverfullworkofGod ibid. How God produceth faith, § 4,tt The increafe of faith isof God, p. la Faith is the gift ofGod and the a&of man, § 511.12 Faith is wrought by the Word, 6 r Encreafed by prayer, and ufe of theSacraments, p. r4 Whyall do not.beleeve that heare the'Word, ibid. Though faithbee thegift of God, men muf}_ tire the meanes to obtsineit, p14,1S C RAP. III. FAitlt prefuppófeth knowledge, § t p.16,1' It captivates our .underftanding * 4 unto

Ankle oftheprissipall matter$ unto the obedience of Chrift , but is not ignorant of Chrift , p.56,1' Thisknowledgemuff be dtßinet, found and certaine, P.17 In what refpe& faith may be cal- led implicite or unfolded, p.18 Faith is an aflént, 4 z p.t9,zo Beleefe hash reference toTome ut- tered word or revelation but may be fuftained by other mo- tives and inducements, p.t9 Faith is a firme affent, yet Come- times accompaniedwith daub- Ling, p.zo Faith is an abfolute and unlimi- ted affent , and yet through ig- noranceand infirmitie, aChri- . (flan may misbeleeve many things without danger ofdam- nation, p.zt,zz Faith is anaffent ina fort evident,,z3 Faith alío is anaffent infome fort difcurfive, P.13, 2,4 Faith isan affianceor confidence, § 3 p.z4,z1, &C. Confidence as it doth embrace Chrift with acertaine affiance is the forme offaith : as it be getteth in us quietneffe ofcon. Icience, and confidence of li. berty,it isan effeet offaith, p. 30 Confidence is oppofed both to doubting and diftruft, p. 3o, I Faith is anobedientiall affiance Faith, is oppofcd §top only,to doubting and diffidence : but to wavering, double-minded- nelle, and difobedience, p.33 Affiancemutt bewell rooted, § t It muff bee found and perm3á Went, p.34,31 Faith is an over-ruling affiance, P.3 S,36 Of all graces faith is the molt humble, p.36,37 Faith is afpirituall tafte, § 6 p.37 Faith admitsmany interruptions, P.3 8 CUAP.`IIII. ¡ Ove is,not the life orfouleof faith, § r P.38,39,&c It is faith and not chariue that gives influence to all other graces , even to charityit felfe, ibid. The goodneffeof God cannotbt the objea of our charity, bur by being fiat the obje l ofour faith, ibid Charity is an fnfirument unw faith for moving and flirting abroad in the performance of all duties recommended unto us, but theinward ordiet-Mall forme offaith is not, p.40,4t In what refpeas charity dothex cell faith, and faith charitie, How faith is perfected by §1.P.42,43 workes, Jufl:ifying faith cannot bee.with- our love, § 3 p.4S 46 &c. How the acs of charity are laid to beof faith, p. {46 Faith temporary and juftafying differin radication, foveraign- tie,andworking, p.49 The fiat and radicali union with Chrift is made by faith only : the fecondarie union is by meanes ofthe affeaions, p.y They that wanke iniquityhave no faith to beleeve alfuredly, that they (hall befaved, p.53 Thr

contained in thisfirft Part. The faithof Devils comprehends the fulneffe and perfe&ion of that which the Romani/1r call Cacholike orChriflian faith, 6 s Faith alone jufiifieth, but that faith whichjufiifieth, is not a- lone, p. 16,57 CHAP. V. WHat Do&rines are called matters of faith, § z p. s8 Juflifyino faith is twowages con- fidered, § z p 5809 According to the twofold confi- derationof juflifying faith,.the obje& ofitis twofold,p. 59,6o True faith relpe&eth the whole Word ofGod, ibid. As the do&rine of Creation, S3 p. 6o Providence. ibid. M ns mifery by finne, p.6z Myfteries ofgodlincfle,ibid. The promifesconcerning San&i- fication and things of this life, § 4 p.6z,6z,63 Why faith doth put forth it felfe to embrace whatfoever the Lord promifeth, p.6i,61 It is very neceffary to ;beleeve the profitifes concerning fan&ifica- tion, p.6z It is neceffary to beleeve the tem- porallproinifes, p,63,64 Faith beleeveth the threatnings, § 5p64 Beliefe ofthe threatnings is necef. far y , p.6,4, 6% Faith beleeveth the commande. ments, § 6 p. 66 67 In particular pra&ices the faith- full may fatly; p.68 The obedience of faith is uni- form, entire, and confiant, § 7 p.68,69,70 The faithfull foute may find it felfe ¡more prone to one finne than another : but if right comparifon be made, faith in- citeth to hate all finne, one as well as another, p.69,70 CHAP. VI. He fpeciall ohj:&of ¡unify. ing faith are the free pro. miles of mercy and forgiveneffe in jefus Chrifi, S I p.70,71 Abraham beleeving the promifeof feed,did apprehend that blc fled feed,which from the beginning had beenpromifed, p.71 Remiffionof finnes dothprefup- pofe themercy ofGod , ibid. Beliefe of Gods power is not the a&of faith juflifying as it ju- fiifieth : but the confederation of Gods power is a prop and flay to faith againft manifold temptations, p.93 Chrift iseverywhere in Scripture made the thing which faith embraceth to falvation,p.74,75 Faith inGods fpeciall mercy fjra. meth his Image in the Heart, 5 3 p.78 CHAP. VII. TUfiifying faith is a particular J and certaineconfidence, § z p.79,80.&c. The thirflyand burthened foule is invited to comeunto Chrift , and commanded to beleeve, p.8o jufiifying faith is oppofed to de. fpaire , fo as to expell it : it breeds confidence and boldness. and

eATableoftheprincipillmutters and rcceiveth Chrift for the conveyingofhis benefitsparti- cularly unto -us, p.BI Faith is certaine in theevent, not ever in fenfe, S z p.8 z,83,&c. Things are to us according as we conceive them, which is not ever anfwerableto the evidence of the thing in it felfe,or to the certaintie in regard of event, 8 A beleever, who hath a fore be- liefe , Both not alwayes know that hee fo beleeveth, p.84 Faith as it juflifieth is a telling uponChrift toobtaine pardon, not an allured perfwafron that our finnes be already pardoned and forgiven, § 3 p.85,86,&c. Before Juftification faith feeketh and receiveth the promife of forgivenef e: after Juftification it comfortably affureth of the blefling obtained, p.88 Election is manifefted by faith as byits effeEt : but wee are juffi- fied byfaith as the inffrument thereof, 5 4 p.8 s Cu A P. VIII. LIOw faith affureth of falva- tion, § r p.9o,91 This aflùrance is fuch as is íhaken with many doubts and diffi- culties, S z p.92. The particular certaintie of re- million offinnes, is not equall incertainetie and firmeneffeof affent, to that affurance which wee have about the common objea of faith, § 3 pgz,93 There bee feverall flares ofbelee- vers,but all fttbjeCl to manifold temptations, § 413.94,95 Beleefe in Chrift forrsmiffionis stronger and more 'necefl`ary than particular aflbrance of our falvation, § ß'p.96';' Not onely forne .uncertainehope, but even infallible affurance of falvation is to be fought; and may beobtained, S 6 p.96,97, " ` &c. There is a word teffifying thus much, that my particular per- fon beholding the Sonne , and beleeying on him , fhall have eternall life, p.97,98;99 Such as truly beleeve may know they beleeve, p. 99,500 In refped ofthe exalt meafure of grace and ftrength, the regene- rate are oft deceived : but of the truth ofgrace they may bee affurred. p. too What it is to beleeve with the whole heart, p,ros Inwhat fenfe wee muff continue daily to aske ofGod forgive - neffe of fins, notwithffanding formeraflùranceofpardon,§ 7 p.roz,IO;,io4. &c. How jollification is full and en- tire, p Ios, to6 God hath Paid, as to Abraham, fo to every one of the feed ofA- braham, I will be thyGod, p. I06,I07. How every faithfull man may and doch make God his in par-. ticular, ibid. The Apoftles and other faithfiill have beene affured oftheir'fal.' vation by ordinary faith, § 8 p.107,108 The falvation of a beleever is in- fallible in it felfe,and in event, but not ever in his apprehenfi- on and feeling,§ 9pIoS, ¡09 Af'urance of faith in things ex- traordinarily revealed, is not altogether

contained inthi'ffiri$Párt.: altogether free from affaults, p.Io9 The benefits that come unto us by temptations,: p. I x I The Commandements are laid before beleevers, not as the caufe for obtaining ofeternall life, but as the wav towalke inuntoeternalllife,§ Iop.1 z Uprightwalking is neceffary, buI not the caufe of Jufiification, pa r 3.114 The beleever relyeth not upon hisvvorkes, though he exercife himfelfe therein with all dili- gence, p sr 4 What infirmities may Rand with affurance offaith, § f I p.ii5 116, I 17,118 What.linnes hinder afùrance, § Iap.iig,ri.9 The alfolute reigneof Anne will not Rand with the fatte of grace, § I; p. 119,120 True affurarice breeds increafe of refolution and care pleafe God, 5,1.4. p.1-20,1zz,IZa Ch AP. IX. orTie authority of the Church cannot bee the ground of faith': §Ip.I23,124 Whatfoever credit the Church hath,it receiveth the famefrom the Scriptures, p.124, The authority of the Pope , whom they call the Church yirtnall, is the firfl ground and lafè refolution of the Roma- nil?s faith, § z p. t 24,124 Faith refteth not upon the Saints, but upon Jcfus Chrift, § 3 p. x17,128 The Rhemiftr in defence of their Saint invocation, are driven to fay, thatwee are to truft in the Saintsdeparted, p. 1282 x29 &c. C,HAP.X. `rHe benefits and of &s of AA faith, § t p.13 r,e;z, &c. Faith .doth not effe l and per- forme thofe things by any ex- cellency,forcç, or efficacy ofits ovine aboye of her`oraces t but in.;tefpeft of the officewhere- unto it is affigned in the Cove- nantofgrace,: - p.i3g Ofall creatures man onely is ca- pable of juftífying faith, § z p.í35 Faith is proper unto man in this life, in his journey towards his perfeft: home and eternal! ha- .. bitation, p.1 z5 All men havenot faith, ibid. The fubje &of jufti£ying is man a firmer, called according to the putpofe ofGod, acknowledg- ing his offences, andhungring and thirfting after mercy, p.136 The feat offaith is the heart, but the heart contrite,humbled,be- wailing finne, denying it felfe and aflèfted withdefire ofre- miffr.on, §-3 P. 137 InScripture the heart is takenfor the whole foule , with all its powers andoperations, p, i; 8 Faith iscommon to all, and pecu- liar to them onely, who be cal- led according to thepurpofe of God, § 4 p.139,140' All havenot the like meafnre of faith, §,1 p.141 Faithperfedin-none, p. 141,142, The faith of the weakeft Chri- ftian is fufficient to falva= tion,

rakeofthe principal'matters non, $ n A 141 The degrees of-faith maybe con- fidered according to the divers growth , which God bringeth his children unto, g7p.143 Pouce degrees offaith, ibid. Faith is weake foure waies, i Knowledge. z Aff'ent. ;. Confidence. 4 Fruits and ef- feas, p.143,144 Ordinarilybeleevers are weake at the firft, p 145 Some ,priviledged above others , ibid. Faith weake in one refpe&, may be ftrong in another, ibid. Thebenefits of theweakeft faith, if true and lively, § 8 p.146 Weakefaith, if found, will grow and increafe, ibid. Weemuit ftrive to bee ftrong and rich in faith, p.146,147 Faith fomewhat growne, §9 PT47 Strong faith, p 147,148 Full affurance gotten by degrees P.148 The benefits of full affurance , P.148,149 The ftrongeft faith is fubjeft to fundry infirmities, § sop i5o The ftrong beleever doth Come- times thrinke, when the weake Rands fait, ibid. il l4 Í CHAp. XI. MOtives and encouragements to beleeve,S t p.151, I 5z Meanes for the right planting of faith, S z p153,154, í55,&c. Faith once obtained, is ferioufly tobe regarded, S 3 p.í58,159 160 Meanes whereby faith is ftreng- thened and confirmed, § 4 p 161,16z,163,164 CtiAP.XII. WHy Satan endevours byall meanes to hinder, as the kindly taking,Co the growthof faith, p464, x65 Thefirft temptation is taken from our worthlefneffe, § t p.165 Rgraedie : The fenfe ofunworthi- nefle malt not difconrage us from beleeving, becaufe I. Themercy, favour, pro- miles, and benefits ofGod are all free, ibid. z.We arenot more defirous to beleeve,than God is we lhould fo doe, p.í65,í66 The fecond Temptation , They know not whether theybe ele- fled, S z Remedie r.Hold fuch faggeftions to arife from the fpirit oferror, and lend noeare to fuchwhif- perings of the old Serpent, pí66 z. If God make offer of mercy and forgiveneffe in theMi- niflery of the Golpel, wee are bound to receive it, ibid. The-third Temptation, They are fullof doubtings, 43 Remedie, 1. Faith may bee true and lively that is weake, p. 167 z. It is not the excellency and meafure of faith that doth makeus righteous beforeGod,but Chrift whom faith doth receive, ibid. 3. It is not faith, but Chrift receivedby faith, that nouritheth to eternal' life, ibid. 4. Wee read that Chrift re- proved Come for theirfmall faith, but

contained in thisfirs l'art, but never reja led any that came unto him in weaknetlè , defiring to be contirmed,p.167 16$ The fourth Temptation, They cannot kçepe their faith ftrong and ffedfail, § 4 Remedie, 1. There is no fhadow ofchange with God, p.168 a. Labouringafter and groa- ning to reft their wearied foules upon the promifes of mercy,being never fatisficd till their doubt- fulnefle be removed, will bring a good end, ibid. 3. Want of feeling argueth not vvant offaith, p. i 68,169. Why the faithful" are tubje l to huh doubts and want of fee- ling, p. 169,17o The lift Temptation,They recei- ved the tiuth at firft without duetriall, § 5 Rrmedie, r. God ismerci£ull,and ready to forgive our imperfe- tuons, when upon the know- ledgeand fight,weconfetdi and bewaile them, p:170 z. Faith maybe true,though much were amifle, when first wee received the truth, it'id. 3. It is the great wifdome and mercyof theLord, for a time to hide from his children thefight of their infirmities and wants , ibid. The fixt Temptation, Theynever had thardeepe forrow, which many have felt,.. § 6 Reniedie, I. Goddeales not with all alike, p.170,171 z.Todoubr of Gods love be- caufe hee deales gently with us , left wee hould bee .fwallowed up of forrow , is great ignorance, p:17.1 3. Faith may bee found in them who never felt filch depth of .forrow, as others havedone, ibid. The feventh Temptation, They never felt any great ftrength of grace, § 7 Remedie, 1. We arebut children, and therefore weake and fub- jeft to many fpirituall difeafes p17z_ z. Grace maybe true,wbites it isbut fmall. ibid. 3. If wealteneffe of grace was any iufd caufe,of feare none might afire themfelves ofGods love, ibid. The eighth-Temptation,What they formerly felt is now decayed,, §8 Remedie. In Gods dearth chil- dren there may bee,decay of graces, p.172,173 The ninth Temptation, They cannot find any lively fenceof faith, § 9 zemedie, T. Graces may lie hid, and worke , in .refpelt ofour acknowledgement, infenfibly, P.173, 174, z.In the agonyofconfcience none are more unfit to judge of our eflate,thanwe are ofour,own, p174,175 3. TheLord diverfly gives evidence ofhisSpirits pretence in us, pr75; 4.'Iffor the prefent a man;, candifcerne no fparkeofgrace in himfelfe , he mutt call to remem- brancefortner times whereinhee hath glorified God b.yanholy life. and convcrfation, p. 17 5 f. Ifhee bee not able roga- ther comfort from formerexpe-= fence, bee mutt lay hoü upon', the

e...1rahleoftheprixcipall matters. l the gracious invitation of Chrift,. 1 calling the thirfty and burdened 101.112 to come unto him p.t 76 The tenth Temptation,Their fins be many in number , and hai- nous for quality, § to Remedie, The hainoufnefle or number of our finnes make us not uncapableofmercy, p. t 76 The eleventh Temptation, They are prefíedwith theheavie bur- then of Gods wrath. Remedie, t. Faith may continue ftrong, though fenfe,of Gods love fatle, p.177 z. Faith goeth before expe- rience or fenfe ofmercy,and wai- tech for falvation by Chrift in the depth of miferie, ibid. 3. Wee are not togive credit to our owne feeling , but to the Word of God, p.177,178 4. The deareft fervants of God havein their owne fenfeap- prehended wrath and indignati- on; p.178 The twelfth Temptation , They have longufed the meanes and can find nocomfort, § ir Remedie, t . Examine ifCome bo- fome finne bee not that which makes the breach in the confci- ence, p.178 z. The Godly fometimes walke without comfort, becaufe they put it from themfelves, p.179 3. Oftentimes God caufeth his children to feeke long before they find comfort, ibid. 4. Theardent defire shall at length be fatisfied, ibid. g. Remifliòn of finnes and peace of contcience are favours worth the waiting for, ibid. 6. Wee have not waited To many yeeres in the meanes of grace for comfort, as God bath waited for our converlon, p, '80 The thirteenrhTemptation,They are afraid of falling into fome fearefull extremity , § s z 2emedie, 1. Labour to fortifie faith in the gracious promifes which God bath made to his children of fuftentation and prefervation, p.t8o z. The ftrongeft cannot Rand by their owne might, and the weakeil than bee able to over- come all their fpitituall enemies by the power ofthe Lord, ibid. 3. Feare is valiantly to be re- filled, not to be beleevedor rea- fonedwithal', p.181 4. Feare of falling ariling from fenfe ofweakeneffe, is diffi- dence in God, ibid. The foureteenth Temptation , They 'hall never hold out to the end, § t ; Remedie, t. The fame God who keepes them in time of peace,is able and will uphold them in timeof trouble, p.t8t z. In our foreft aflàults God is at ow right hand to Cup. port and flayus, that we 'hall not fall, p.18z 3. If their portion ofgrace be the fmalleft of all others, they mull (rive to grow forward,but without difcouragement, ibid. The fifteenth Temptation, They are many waiescroWed and af- fliEled, §. 14 Remedie, r. God doth love ten- derly when he doth correEl fe- verely, p.í83 z. All Gouts chafiifements are but purgative medicines to prevent or cure Come fpitituall dif.

contained in thisfirt Part, dtfeale , ibid. 3. God requires that men in afliïEtion Mould live by faith, both for a Eun tifed of in them, and a good iflue out of then in due featOn, ibid. The fixteenth Temptation, They are ferongly poiLfred with feare that God hath urrerly call them off', §rt Remedie, t. They muff beware they makenot more firmes un- pardonable than God bimfelfe hath pronounced to bee of that fort, p.184. a. Seeing God dothcall and incourage themto trutl and relie upon hirn,and they (land in need, and would gladly embrace his promifes made in Chrifl, they mull gather godly boldnef e to reif upon Gods grace,and courage to fight again(' , and withfland Satan, p.18§. 3. The foule cannot rafle fweetnefiè when it is overwhel- med with feares, p.t.81,186 4. It is a fault to meafure the excellency of faith and power thereof by quantifie and unfea- fonable fruits (fo to call them) and not byvenue, kind plantan- on,and feafonable fruit, p.187 What bee feafonable cffeßs and fruits of faith in great tempta- tions and cloudy feafòns,p.187 1118 5. Imperfe&ions argue not want of faith but place for fur- ther increafe of faith and the fruits thereof, - p.189 6, In Scripturewe have ex- amples of weake believers as well as of firong : andinone and the fame perfon different degrees offaith at divers times, p.189 7. When the heart isfilled with feares , the calme and Hill voice of the Spirit is not difcer- ned, p,190 8. In choie feafons the triall of faith is to bee taken by thofe fruits which are evident to the eie ofothers, ibid. 9. They that fide them- felves.deffitute of grace and com. fort, are willed to repaire unto Chri.fl for both, p, r9oir9 r eJ Tableof f theprincipall matters . contained in thisfecond Part. Cale P. I. Nducements to live by faith, P-193,194 Carla is- the fountaine of life, and faith the meane, p.194i195,196,&c. It is impoffible that faith fhould challenge any thing of defert unto her fclfe, p,196 Faith is profitable for this life, and the life to come; for all parts andpurpofesofoily lives: but evermore it advanceth the grace

eftTableoftheprixcipall matters. grace ofGod, ibid. What it is to live by faith, p. t 97 198 What is tobe done that we might live by faith,vit. t. Acquaint our felves fa- miliarly with the Word ofGod; P.598, 199 Betidesexpreffe Commandements and diced promifes , there bee fpeciall promifes and comman- dementsby confequent, which we are to noteandmakeufe of, 1319992°° z.Exercife faith aright in the Word, p. 2.00,201 The ads of faith about the Word. t. It doth firmely and uni- verfally affent to the whole Word ofGod, andCet adue price and va- lue upon it, p,zor z. It ponders the word [eri- ouffy , and treafures it up fafe , ibid. 3. It preferves and keepes in the way of the promifes, ibid. 4. It plyes the throne of grace with earneft and continuall fupplications, ibid. Y.It looketh ap directly un- to God his wifdhme,power,mer- cy,and faithfulneffe, p. zo z 6. It refteth quietly upon God , and triumpheth before the vidory, ibid. Meines to air up our felves to live by faith,fcil. i. Find out thy unbeleefe, p.zoz,zo;,zo4, &c. z. See the necefiity and pre- cioufne.feoffaith, p. zo7 3. Meditate on the grounds offaith, p.207, 2,o8 4. Feeling weakenefie of faith,lookeon Chrift, p.208 g. Pray for the Spirit of faith, p.zo8,zo9 CxAr.IT. WHat is meantby Godspro- miles , and the divers kinds thereof, p. 2.09, 2, to The promife of forgiveneffe of fnnes, p. sto This promife is free, ibid. Yet obtained through Chrift on- ly, ibid. And received and pofle[l'ed by faith, and by it alone, p.2r t Thispromife isof faith, I. That it might be offree grace, ibid: z. That it mightbe ftedfàft andCore to all the feed, p.zis ;. That onely is the true manner of Jufti&cation , which [huts forth all boafting in the dig- nityof our workes, ibid. It is necellary to Peekpardon offin by faith/or t. In our trivet webe fin- full and curled, and remifiion which is ofgrace,can be obtained bynoother meanes, but Cutely by faith inJefus Chrift, p.zxz z. Faith goeth diredly unto Chrift, that byhim we might bee juftifìed. p.zt 3 3. Faith inthe promifes of mercy, doth commend and main- taine the glory of Gods grace, ibid. The ads of faith touching this promife of forgivenelé be di- vers. I. It generally beleeveth the promife to bee true, and there- by dilcernes that Panne is pardo- nable, p.zt;,at4 z. It ftirreth up earneft de- files

Ifires and longings to bemade par- taker of this mercy, p. z 141a I p 3. It draweth us forward to feeke mercy of God by esnfained confeflion and hearty fupplicati- on, p.2.15,2,16,2.17 4. It embraceth and refleth upon the fpeciall and free mercyof God in Chrift for pardon, p..zi 8 5-.It doth certifie of pardon granted and fealed unto us, pag. 2I8,119 How faith Both afriire that our . finnes are already pardoned, p.z19 Three prerogatives accompany confident aflurance. I. Peace with God. z. Free acceffe unto the throne ofgrace. 3. Joy in the Holy Ghofl unfpeakable andglorious, p.zzo z2I 6. By faith wee continue in this bleffed (late, in fweetpeace and fellowfhip with God, p.zzz 2.2.3 k Chriftianmay live by faith for manydayes , or rather all the dayesof his life, in fweet peace and communion withGod, if hee will learnt to maintaine, and takepaines to exercife his faith aright, p.2.2. 3,224 `To what meafure of joy a Chri- ftian may attaine, pag. 2ve ,.z6 Two fpeciall caufes therebe, why many good Chriflians live fo long in feare'and doubt.. i. An immoderate á$gra- vatión.of their fhne;and corio nu, all thought of theirunwortbines, p.zz7 'Theremutt know t:is good tole- nie themfelves , but not to contained in thisfecondPart. doubt of the mercy of the Lord, ibid. ThedeteflationoCGnne is great ly to becotrimended;if they re- member withall, that there is hope inIjrael concerning this, p.zz8 Therebe finnes of ignorance, in- firmity, forgetfulnelle and fud- den paffion:and therebe foule, enormous , notorious finnes, which wound confcience, pag. zz8,zz9 Ifa man have often fallen into notorious offences, he is not to defpaire, p.22.9 A foule offence after grace recei- ved is not unpardonable,p.zz9 2, 30 Many complaine they cannot be- leeve, when indeed they thinke there is no promife of mercy made unto them, upon which they (hould ground their con- fidence, p.230 Such muff know , 1. That God calleth them in his word to conic untohim,as if hedid par- ticularly name them. z. They mull confider of the free grace of God in promi- fing, and his faithfulnef£e in ma- king good whatfoever hee hath promifed; ibid. The fecond caufe is, ignoranceof thé way- how this,afl'urance is tobe fought, upoir what foun- dationit-is to bee laid inwhat order they comeunto it, p.z3i Two things are fpecially to. -bee learned for theirdire&ion. .1. That afi'oone as ever a man feeles'finne'as ahurthen,,and doth trulythirh to be earedof it, hee hath a calling to come unto Chrift, p.:2.35,23z A z. The

ATableoftheprirscipaflmatters z. The barreif in grace muff comeunto Chrift to be fupplyed ofhis fulneffe, p.23 z Dire&ionsto theweake , how to flirre up themfelves tobeleeve when they feeleno comfort. T. They muff unfainedly humble their foules before God in the confeflion offrnne , with earneft prayer for pardon , pag. z. They moil rowfe and flirre up themfelves to beleeve with reafons drawne from the promifes and covenant of God made in Jefus Chrift, confidera- timas taken out of the word, and experience of his dealingwith o- ther his fervants in former times, 12234,23Ç 3. They muff bee Mitant with the Lord to give them both firength of faith, and thefight of their beleeve, p.235,2.36 4. Theymuff comfort their hearts in the certainty of Gods Word , though for the prefent they feele nocomfort, p.236 Thus faith is daily to beeprefer- ved andquickened, ibid. CHAP. III. OF thepromifes of SanElifica- dJ tion, p.z37 AChritian isallowed to beleeve thefe promifes, for, T. In the covenantofgrace God bath promifed to take away the heart offlone,&e. p.238 2. The fountaine of grace is fet open unto thethirsty, and hee is invited to comeand:drinke, to the Catisfying of his foule , ibid. 3. Chrift by his blond hath purchafed for his peopleallfpiri- tuall bleffings in heavenly things, p.239 4. Wee are taught to aske of God in Chrift, increafe and ftrengthofgrace, ibid. 5. The faithfull have relyed upon Chrift for grace and ability to walke inhis wayes, . ibid. 6. Mans duty is Gods free gift ofgrace, ibid. It is necefáry to beleeve that God will fanitifie our nature, and enable us to the duties of holineffe. For, T. Juflification andfanl ifi- cation be individuali, p.z39 z. Othervvife Chriftians Coll very much ftagger, beoffand on, coldlyfet upon thepraftice of Chriftianity, p.240 3. Our oware ftrength is too weake for the work of holineffe, ibid. 4. Setledneffe in this , that God will perfet theworke ofho- lineffe begun, caufeth men to goe about the workeof mortification withmuch readineffe, ibid. 5. The promifesofGodcon. cerning fpirituall things are link- ed to erher , The ads of faith about theprof mires offanilification. T. Itacquaints man with his emptincf e of grace,. and the ftrength of his inbred corruption, a. It fhevveth wh4e the ftrength is tobee had which wee want,and Cirres upto a confiant, confcionable ;and diligent tire of the nseanes:ofgrace, p.242 ;. It inciteth to an holy im- provement ofwhat grace we have received, p.243 4.I(

contained in thisfecondPart. 4. It fighteth courageouflya- gainft finne, and cryeth inftantly to the Lord for helpe, ibid. 5. It fubmitteth willingly to what courfe the Lord is pleafed to take for the crucifying of finne, ibid. 6. Faith is the band or finew whereby we are eyed unto Chrift the fountaine of grace, p. 243, 244. 7. True faith ftirreth up to thankfulnefïe for the beginning of fanaification, p.245 The meaner how a Chriftian is to flirre up faith to beleeve that God will fan &ifie him, when bee feeth nothing but thraldome. r. Hee mull bevvaile his fpirituall nakednefle, thraldome, and vaflallage under finne, p. 245 246 z.He muff looke to the grace, truth, and power of God , who hath promifed to fan&ifie : to the fulneffe and fuffrciency that is in Chrift the fountaine ofgrace, p. 246,247 3. Hee muff pray inftantly unto the Lord for fan&ifying grace, p. 247,2,48 4. It is good to move the heart guietlyto reifin thepromife, and rejoyce in hope, p. 248 Cxsr. IIII. ritHrift hath purchafed for us life everlafting no leffe than righteoufnefl'e, p.14$,249 Eternal' life is promifed upon con- dition of faith in Chrift , p. 2.49 Life eternall is begun in them that beleeve, ibid. When firft wee beleeve, then are we intituled to life everlafting, and fo have the accomplilh, ment of glory in refpc& of right and propriety, rag. 249 250 It is our duty tobeleeve in God through)efus Chrift for theob- taining of eternall life to bee given ofgrace, p.25 t It is very neceflary tobeleeve it. i.That we might with more qquietnefl.e of mind beare the af- Fli &ions, troubles, and perfecuti- ons,vvhich befall us in this world, p.25í z. It ferves to effablifli our hearts againft fundry worldly cares and feares, ibid. 3. If wee keepe Heaven in our eye, wee lhall fight courage- oufy , and.runne with patience , notwithftanding all oppofirion, p. 252 The a&s of faith concerning thefe promifes. r. As an humble petitioner it receiveth and layeth hold up- on falvation it felfe promifed, p. 252 z. Faith doth not begin to apprehend life , and then leave it toworkes, but Both ever cell upon the promifeuntil' we come to en- joy it, P,2.53 3. By faith wee receive the promifedSpirit, as the earneft of our inheritance, ibid. 4. Faith in the promifes of everlafting life leadeth forward in the paths ofpeace and righte- oufnefte, p.z54;2.55 5 It feeketh to get our ti- tle confirmed and Allred to the confcience by evidence , and ear-. neft, or pawn, p.255 Az 6 Ie

,r4 T'ableóftheprincipatRmatters 6. It ftriveth to enter the poffeision of this heavenlyking- dome by degrees, p.25 5, z 56 7. It carnally delires and longeth after.the full accomphib- ment ofglory, p.z56 S. It affureth that wee are made heires of glory , to which God of his grace will bringus in his time appointed, pig. z56 257 God in great mercy doth vouch- Cafe to his adopted formes ma- ny excellent royalties in this life, p.257,258 The ads of faith that arife from the priviledges of the godly in this life. s. Faith refleth upon the; grace ofGod to receive from him whatfoever may begood and pro-, fitable, p.259 2. It petitioneth inflantly for fuccour, p.z6o 3. It receiveth earthlyblef- lings as giftsof the covenant, and tokens oflove, ibid. 4.Faith in thefe and the fore- laid protnifesdoth greatlyenlarge the heart towards God, p.261 5. It cloth inwardly quiet and cheare the heart in themidit of manifold outward difcourage- ments, ibid. The way and meanes toflirre up faith in there promifes. r. To humble our (elves unfainedly in refped of our m ferable and accurfed ellate by finne , and former carelefneffe ro (ecke mercy, &c.pag. 26x. 262, 263. &c. a. Wee mutt incite and cirre up our (elves to receive the promifes of everlaffing life, by confederation of the free and rich ------..m. grace ofGod, his truthand faith. fulneffe ; the fufficiency of Chrifls merits; and greatneffe, excellency and worth of the be- nefit promifed, pag. 264, 265 266,&c. 3. Wee mull pray carnally that God would increafe our faith,fealeus byhis Spirit,leadus in the way of peace, caufe us to grow up in holineflè make us wife to prize and value, to rafle and reliifh the joyes ofHeaven, and affure our confciences of rightand title to that everlafling inheritance, p.269,270 4. Wee mull quicken our (elves to rej' yce in God, wait pa- tiently, and walke cheerefullybe- fore him, . p.27o,271 CHAP. V. GOd bath made many promi- 7 fes of perfeverance. pag 21,27 z The love which God beareth to his people is an everlafling love, and the covenant which bee bath made with them rife- dually, and "í kept aifu,- redly, is an evrlafting cove- nanr, p.272,273 The condition ofthe covenant is !, promifed in the covenant it felfe, P.27? All the faithful! are built upon the rock&-,not upon the rockenovv, and anon upon therand, p.274 The (heepe of Chrifl 1hall never perifla, neither (nail any man plucke them out of his hand They are fenced againfl thetrea- cheryof their oyvne hearts re- maining in them, p.275 The

containedin this fecondPart. The holy Spirit is fent into their hearts to dwell and remaine with them , as an earneft of their inheritance, untill the re- demptionof the purchafed pof- fefli.on, ibid. The life which they live by faith in Chtift, is an everlaftíng rife, p.z76 Christ hath praied for his people that theirfaith fhouldnot faile, ibid. We are allured fromGod;thathee will perfect theworke ofgrace which he hath begun, ibid. By ferions meditation on thefe promifes wee mull fettle our felves in beleevingour perfeve- rance : which is verynecef hry. For 1. Had it not berne a point of great weight , the Lord would not have mentioned it fooften, p277 a. Wee areweake and feeble to withfland, our fpirituall ene- mies potent and vigilant to aC faile, ibid. 3. Our weakeneße is not greater thanour backvvardnefíe to beleeve the promifes of perf`eve- rance, when wee (rand ismolt need, ibid. 4,Whilít Chriftians diftruft- fully queftion their perfeveranee, all prefent favours ferme the lefle, all other promifes bee held the more weakly, ibid. q. Confidence in thepromi- fes of perfeverance doch encou- rage and quicken in aChriftian conrfe, p. 278 Hee that hath faith indeed will not; nay, he cannot take cou- rage to.goeon in fin upon this pretence, that faith once had cannot utterly be loft, ibid 6. Looke how much wee come fhort inbeleeving the faith- full promifes ofGod, concerning our future protection from all hurtfull evils , fo much are wee lacking to found peace and (table tranquillity of mind and Confci- ence, p. 279,2.80 The godly are allowed to beleeve their perfeveranee. For, r. God hathconfirmed it by promife and covenant unto his children, p.z8o', z.They haveallowance tobe: leeve the obtaining of that which Christ bath praied for,& they aske ofGod in the Name of Christ ac- cordingtohiswill, p.280,2.8í 3. What one beleeved upon ordinary and common grounds , that is the priviledgeof all belee- , vers p.28í 4. It is agreat glory to God, that wee live by faith on him concerning our future eftate, ibid. The alts of faith concerning per- feverance. z. It makes a mamfenfibleof his ovine frailty, p.z8 z z. It threes up anholy jea- loufie and fufpition , left wee lhnuld coole, decay , {tart afide or fallbacke, ibid. 3. Faith inftantly cryeth un- to theLord for help and ftrength, and continualt fupply of grace, p.283 4. Faith defireth , digefteth, and feedeth upon the veholfome foodoflife, ibid. ;. It putteth forth it felfe ro performe all duties of holineffe and love with life and fervour, p. 2,84 .It coveteth-increafe ofgrace andfanatfication, p.a8 5 A ; 7.It

Arableoftheprincipal) matters 7. It receiveth new fupply of grace continually from Jefus Chrift the fountain of grace , p.z86 8. It affitreth of perfeve- rance through the promifes of grace, ibid. Means to flirre up our felves to beleeve theft promifesofperle. verance. t. Wee muff heartily be- vvaile our proneneffe to finne, aptnefle to decline, inability to wrthfland any one temptation,or Pet one flep forward in the wayto Heaven, p.z87,z88 z. Wee muff flare up our felves to reff upon God through Jefus Chrift, for eftabliflrment and confirmation, p.288, 289 3. Wee mutt pray initantly that God would upholdus, and make us to fee that hee willefla- Withus unto the end, p, 289,290. CHAP. VI. re fervants of Chrift are all fouldters, and have conti- all warre , not with fleth and blond, but with principalities, and powers , and fpirituall wickednelì'es, p490 Encouragement to refill Satan, p.z9o,z9i Promifesofviftory, P.29! In this Hate of temptation the godly are allowed to beleeve the promifes of viftory. For, r. TheGod ofpeace hath promifed to tread Satan under OMfeet thortly, p.291,29 2 z. Faith doth glorifieGod, and is moil profitable unto us; our treafure, ftrength, and viâo- rie, p.292 3. We have a charge to reel the Devil]. ttrong in the faith,ibid. . 4. Faith is one ofthe firfe things that is formed inaChri- flian, and wherewithGod furni- fheth him, when he prepareth and calleth him forth to the encoun- ter, f. The faithfull cannot bet- ter provide far their owne cafe and fafety, than confidently to hope in theLord, ibid. It is neceflàry a Chriftian fhould live by faith in this condition. For, r.True valour cannot be.had without faith in Chrift,- ibid. z. All our ftrength liethin Chrift, whole Almighty power fubdueth all things for ut, p.294. ;. Faith is of force to keepe us againft all a$aults of theDe- vill, ibid. 4. The DevilI will renew his affaults, and wee mull renew our courage and Ilrength, p.29ç The afts of faith in refpeta of there promifes of victory in temptation. I. Faith makes fenfible that we cannot refill ofourfelves: but affureth that Satan is chained up by the power ofAlmighty God, z, It dilcovereth the Me Me- thods of Satan and his Ends in tempting, s 6 3. Jr lifteth up the heart o cry and complaire untoGod of the cruelty and malice ofthat fpi_ ritual! Adverfary, but Puffers it nottto mule upon his blafphe- mous temptations, p.296,297 4. By faith the poore foule eying thepromife, betakes it felfe unto the Lordfor fuccourpromi- fed, 1D-297 fat

contained in thisfecondPart. 5. Itftirreth up courage and refolution to Cet upon the praftice of godlineffe, and the duties of our particular calling, as the means fanetified ofGod topro-. curefreedome, p.297,298 6. It fortifieth the foule a gainft all instafions, p.298,299 7. Faith is vigilant and watchfull at all times, inall pla- ces, upon all occafions, p.299 8. In themoft forcible tern- pelts which the enemie raifetha- gatnft us, faith tels the heart that acalme is at hand, p.300 9. If Satan renew his ail faults , faith Rands prepared through the power of God to make refiftance afresh, pag.30o 301 so. Faith affureth , that by the over-ruling providence of God, temptations ferve forthe in- creafe ofgrace, p.3o r Thegodly are fometimes brought fo low,that they can difcern no [parkoffatth,no fruit of grace, no markof Gods love in them- felves.For, r. An affiifted fpirit, toffed with feare and terrour, cannot conceive or give noticeofits true eftate, p.301,302 s. Goodmen in temptation are pettifhly difpofed, p.302 The Remedyin this diflrefie is, r. Grace may appeareunto others , when in temptation a godly man cannot difcerne it in himfelfe, ibid. z. It is the wifedome of a Chriffian in this cafe to obferve the marke that Satan drives at, which is to hide from his fight the graces of theSpirit , that hee might bring him to defpaire :and fo ftirre up himfelfe tobeleeve. or, r. Whenhe canfee nograce in his foule , heecannot but fee himfelfe tobee miferable , and to called to come unto Chrift,,p. soz 2. Taking courage to bee leeve,he difappoints Satan, ibid. 3. Wee have a commande. ment to beleeve as well as to proove our felves, both which muff bee complete together, p. 303 4. If thou canft not find in thy Celfe what thou feektllafter, come unto JefusChrtft, and be- leeve in him, that thou mayft re- ceive what thou feeke11, ibid. 3. The dtftrtfled foule mutt learne,that the grace of Godwor- keth not alwaies alike inhis chil dren, [bid. 4. The long and manifold temptations of Satan, wherewith hee feekes to throw Chtiftians head-long intodeCpaire,is to them a teftimonyof the inhabitationof the fpirit in their hearts, p.303, 304 Meanes to ftirre upfaith in thefe perplexities and times ofgrie- vous temptations. I. The diftreffed Chriftian muff unfainedly humble his foule for former ignotance , vanitie of mind; dif- efteeme ofmercy, timo- rouCneffe, difcontent, unbeleefe, &c. p.304, 305 z. Hee muff complaine of the malice of Satan, and inftantly intreat the Lord topardon fine, bridle,reftraine, and tread Satan under foot, p.3os,306 3.He mutt ceafe tomule on the temptations of Satan, and A 4 Pirre

Arableoftheprincipal matters ftirre up himflfe'courageoufly, valiantly to truft in the mercies of the Lord,and rely upon hisgrace, P 307,38 4. Hee molt exercife him- felfe in well doing, harbour holy and heavenly Meditations, nou. rifh themotions of Gods Spirit, &c. p.3o8,3o9,&c. If the diftrefl'ed: Chriilian have wafted his fpirits with violent and continual! forrow,he muff bee admonifhed, not to thinke that prefently bee fhould reco- ver former livelineffe and abi. lily, p.3 1 r CHwP.VII. A Ffliftions.are not more ordi- nary, thanheavie and bur- thenfome to:be borne,, p. 3 t z Wee Rand in need to be holpen againft difcuuragements -in af- fliftion p.3 ta God correaeth 1. In greatwifedottíe, ibid. z. Meafure, ibid. 3. Fora moment, p.3 t zí313 4. In love and tenderneflè, p. 313 And that r. Toprove. z. To purge. ;. To refine. 4. To confirme grace, p.313,314 He will deliver the righteousout of trouble, P.314 Is tender over them in trouble, p. 314,311. And prefent for theirhelpe, pag. It is mofe neceffary that we learne to live by faith in afliiftions, ibid. For 1. Faith is the groundof fi- lent and quiet expeftation of falvation, p, 316 z. Faith in God is the only flay and fupport of the heart in trouble and afi&ion, ibid. 3. Faith is the fhield ofthe foule , whereby it is defended a- gainft all the fiery darts of the Denll, p.317 4. Faith onely fitpphes all our wants in affliction, pag. 317 318 f. Aftíiftions profit not, if theybee not mixed with faith in them that beare them, p.318 The godly are allowed to live by faith in aflfiftions. For, `s. Godlint ffe bath the pro- mifeofthis life,and that which is to chaise, p.18. . z. The godly have had this confidence in former times,whofe praâice is' both a token of our. priviledge, and patterne of our duty, 53i8,319 3. God is hereby much glo- rified , that weerely upon him as OM rock of defence, p.3 19 4. The Lord conlrnandeth us to wait upon him in times of trouble, ; bid. S. Confidence' in God doth the more bind him, as it were, to doe usgood, p.319,320 The alts of faith in refpeft of thefe promirees.. I. It looketh untoGod, and acknowledgeth his hand inall af- fliftions,whofoever be the inffru- ments z. Itreacheth that vveare in filch diftreffes,out of which none can helpe us,but the ftrong helper oflfrael, p.3zo,3z1 This drawes the heart from car- nal! repofe in means orfriends, and expels vexations and di- flralingcares, ibid. 3.It

contained inthisfecondPart. 3. It wifely us to confider , that the cattle of all mi- fery and forrow is (inne, pag.3 z r 4. Faith meekeneth the heart willingly to fubmit itfelfe to the good pleafure of God, and patiently toborehis corredtion, p.3zr=3za Faith comforteth the confcience, and curbeth unbridled pafli. ons, P.32,z The confiderations whereby faith perfwadcth unto meek. mile, be many,ftrong,and irre- fiflible. As, r. The defersof finne,which is farce greater thanany thing we fuflèr, 13.32 a. Thehand that layeth the rod upon our backe, viz. God our molt wife, juft, gracious and loving Father, p.32.2., 3 z3 3. That this cup, how bit- ter and wringingfoever, is a me- dicine to cure, not a poyfon to de- ftroy, miniftred in great love and tender compaffion to drive out corruption confirme faith , pteferve from falling, ftrengehen grace, weane from the world,and brìngnearer unto God,p.313,32'4, 325 4. After ferioushumiliation faith bringeth tidings , that God will Tooke downe troni Meaven in mercy, and fend helpe in fitteft reafon, p325,3z6 5. Faith dothre-minde usof our conformity with Chrift in af- : fliftions , and of his partner -(hip with us therein, p. 3z6 6. Faith fetteth before us the infinite recompence of re- ward, p.3z6,317 The fift a& of faith, It teacheth wifdome to judge aright ofall aílliftions, p.3 27 6. True and unfained con- fidence will not keepe filence in the eares of the Lord,nor ceafe to importune his aid , &c.pag. 32,8 7. It raifeth the heart,being confcious of its weakeneflè,to cell upon the Lord for ftrengch, who makes us able to doe all things through Isis flrengthening of us, p. 3 29,3303 31 8. By faith the godlyheart is drawne to ufe all meanes of helpe that God in his providence cloth affoord, but refteth quietly upan Gods promifes , and allu- rance of his prefence above all likelihoods and appearances , p. 33t This manner of dependance on the promifes which faith work- eth, is abfolutewithout limita- tionof time, mealúre ofAli- lion, or manner of delive- rance, p.331,332. What faith titrneth it (elfe to me- ditate upon for fupport in this cafe, p.332,333 9. Faith belceveth one con- trary in another, and out of the deepeft di(trefles gathereth allu- rance offvveeteft deliverances, p. 333,334,335 re,. It rejoyceth in tribula- tions, and triumpheth before the viétory, 13.3 3 5 Wee mutt live byfaith in the hea vieft aflliftions, and oflongeft continuance, p.33 5, 3 36. The as Offaith in thiscafe. t. -It teacheth , that many and firong afìliftions,of long con- tinuance, areno more than necef- Cary, p 336,3`37' Z. Faith in the greate$ ex- tremities.'