Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The?hreatnzngs. 65' leurres to quicken us unto godlineffe : fo the threatnings are i+rongbrid les tokeepe from naughtineffe. Firme aflènt to the certaine accomplifhmentofdivinethreatnings, cloth beget humiliation for finne pat+ , and vigilancie to limn finne and efcape danger : it frengthens againt+bafe, carnali feares, and the threats of men that oppofe the truth, and reviveth care to ferve and pleafe Godat all times, and in all things. Wherefore doe the terrours ofmen fo much affright, butbecaufe {leight beleefeis giventothe threat- nings of theLord ? The grace and mercie ofGod belee- ved breeds love of God , and confequently true feare, which is oppofed to fenfeleffe ffupiditie, and carnal] pre- fumption, though it cat+eth out feare which proceedeth fromunbeleefe. But what need Beleevers feare the threatnings, feeing there is no condemnation, or caufe of feare to them thatbe- leeve? The Apoffle faith indeed, there is nocondemnation to fuch : but weecannot therefore conclude, that there is nocaufe of feare to them, unleffeno other evils, but finali damnation need tobee feared. But whilef the foule is fib- jea to bring upon it Gods temporarie wrath, ficknefí'es fpirituall, hellifh anguifh to the fenfe of it, there is í}i11 caule enough to feare. Seeing that concerning temporali threats and punifhments, God dealethas fharply, or ra- ther more fharply with his children than any other, why fhouldthey not dread his fatherly corre6tion? Would a child that had but one fparke of wit, or common reafon, provoke his father to fcourge and whip him everie day, becaufebee knowes hee will not dif-inherit himin the end; and not rather fay, It is good fleeping in a whole skin? And (hall Beleevers, who are 1t iritually wife, willingly provokeGod, becaufehee will not condemne them eter- nally ? The afïl:rance which a godlyman hath of his falva- tion, is everjoyned with a faithful] and confcionable care towalkuprightly before theLord, and todecline by-paths and ffrayings; for which end he makes uféofeveriepart of the Word, There N no condemnation to them which are in C'hriT Rom.B.y. Amos 3.:. 2 Sam. 12.14. Rom.B.y.